Friday, October 25, 2013

Just a Friday.

The jury is out as to whether or not I’ll go to the pub. 

I have my reasons.  Just don’t have the oomph to peddle me arse there (plus the weather is threatening) and T.C. and I hadn’t really broached the subject of what her obligations might be for this afternoon. 

Meh, we’ll see.

Seems like I did a whole lot of nothin’ today, but the time still seems to fly by. 



I think I mentioned hitting the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday,  the sole purpose of which was to pick up a couple more pumpkins.  Did this yesterday.  Just happened to think to take a picture.  I’m sure you care.

This is really the only kind of pumpkin “carving” that I’m remotely interested in.  This pie filling/whatever went into the freezer for Christmas. 

There will be a slight moratorium on pumpkin pie for the next couple of months.

Just means I’ll be that more excited when the time comes.  Christmas presents are all fine and dandy but really?  Just bake me a freakin’ pie. 

Or six.


I’ve been working away at the dining room ceiling for a bit now.  At this point, if I don’t “got it”,  I’m not ever going to “get it”.

Patching ceilings is well, an art I suppose.  I sucked at art.  So maybe this is why it takes me so long?


Of course,  the other thing is,  it’s a bit of a messy proposition. 


Fun times.


So here we go:



My sister-in-law had some drywall hanging around in her garage, so that was convenient.



Then a scratch coat of plaster.

Might be a good idea to keep going at this point?



Um, you can use all drywall compound, but then it will probably crack on you.  Your mileage may vary.

The drywall compound is really only for finishing.  It’s either that, or more plaster,  but it needs to be finishing plaster.  And I don’t want to be stuck with a second bag of (finishing) plaster. 




And then today.  Just a couple little nubs to sand off,  and then it can be primed.

(I think)


Don’t want to do that again for a while.  Hate working overhead.

This actually took me *several* days,  by the way.  You probably knew that.


Oh,  and here’s another tip, (other than, “plant your corn early) and it’s an “Old Caretaker” tip.  By that I mean, I learned it from an old Caretaker. 

No, really.

If you want your plaster or drywall to *stick*?  Be sure and wet the surface ever so slightly before hand.  A spray bottle set to a fine spray works.  That way not all the moisture gets sucked out of your plaster before it has a chance to cure. 

Obviously you can’t get too carried away with the water, but if you have a repair to make that’s perhaps not that fresh,  you need to wet it.  This is for repairs only.  With new installations of drywall for example, the tape is what helps keep it from cracking.   But you knew that too.


Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.


Other than that,  I’m empty.


Have yourselves a fine weekend. 


Thanks for stopping in.


  1. The pies kept you busy and looks like you did and awesome job on the ceiling, it all just takes time and patience, looks like you have both.
    You will be thirsty and the pub sounds like a great idea, it will only be cold riding there much warmer coming home!

  2. I just don't envy you this overhead work. Better you do it than me.

  3. I'd have that stuff in my hair, and probably have forgotten to shut my mouth ... don't think I work well "over my head"... but you sure did a great job!

  4. did a few ceiling patches myself before (no fun at all) but now that we live in an RV I hope we don't ever have to repair one in it... Yikes!

  5. I sure hope I never have to use that plastering info:)

  6. I can imagine how patching a ceiling would be quite difficult, and would be hard on the neck too! I laughed about the pie comment..."just bake me a pie, or six." Have a nice weekend :)

  7. Just keep that plaster out of the pumpkin pie filling!

  8. I'm happy with just a pie or three as well.

    Nice job on the ceiling, my neck hurts just thinking about it.


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