Monday, October 28, 2013

Fun with Kijiji.


I’ve had some limited experience with Kijiji,  so this morning I thought I’d see if I could part with an item that’s been parked behind my bench for *ahem* a few years.

Not one to “look a gift horse in the mouth”,  I accepted a garage door opener from my sister a few years back.  For some reason,  when she sold a place she owned out in Kingston,  she decided to take her garage door opener with her. 

I know.  Makes no sense to me either.

She may have told me why,  I don’t remember.  Maybe the buyers were bringing their own?  Do people do that? 

The place where she was moving to had no garage,  so there was no point in lugging it there.

Anyway,  she asked if I would take it,  and being the dimwit that I am,  I said “yes”.   And understand this,  it does work.  There are no issues.  Of course,  in order to install the thing, I realised there were way too many other difficulties that I’d need to overcome,  not the least of which would be having to move a lamp that I have directly over the table saw,  along with figuring out how to power the thing.   Powering it from the lamp or the shop circuit?  No.  They both get switched off when I’m not there. 


So it had to go.



We have one opener,  over on the side where the car gets tucked in each night.  But for the door on the shop side of things,  I find that I’m perfectly capable of hoisting the door “manually”,  and never once have I wished for an opener.  Besides which,  there’s a “man door” at the back of the garage.  I can get in, even if neither of the garage doors in the front want to cooperate.


Well now.  When I decided to have a little something for lunch,  I thought I’d check and see if there were any responses to the ad?

Holy Crap!   Seems that “free” stuff certainly gets the wheels turning!  I had ten responses in a matter of 40 minutes. 

So what to do?

I figured I’d reply to each one, giving out the phone number,  and whoever calls first and agrees to come today, are welcome to come and take it. 

“And now ladies and gentleman,  we have caller number three!”   “So sorry you missed out!”

No, I was nice.  Really.


Most of the responses where to the point like,  “is this still available?”  That kind of thing.

This one gave me a chuckle though:


I’ll take this, I live in London though, when is a good time and day to pick up.
At the moment I'm a bit sick, but would love to give this to my Uncle who is up there in age.


Um, no you won’t.


Tell you what?  If you think that much of your “Uncle”,  just go buy him a new one.  Because you know,  I really want to sit around for a week while you figure out how you’re going to get to Burlington.  Sob stories don’t count.  And London?  May as well be London, England.  London, Ontario is an hour and a half away.   Honestly!

Of course,  IF the person who said they’d be here tonight at six somehow has a brain fart and fails to show,  I’ll be reposting the ad.  Or, I suppose I could call either caller number two or three.

I’ve written down the names and numbers of callers two and three,  and if Mr. Six O’clock doesn’t show up,  I’ll go down the list.   Call display is a wonderful thing some times.

Nobody had the gall to be “Private Caller”.  We don’t answer those.  You like your privacy?  Well, so do I.  Piss off.

I’ve only had those three calls,  since I went in and changed the ad right away.  Nothing worse than leaving up an ad when the item has either already sold or been spoken for.   Just seems inconsiderate.  And, I don’t need to be fielding calls all day.


So that was “fun”. 


Maybe I’ll post something tomorrow and we’ll see what happens.  Of course,  the one thing that comes to mind might require actually wanting a couple bucks,  so I’m sure that’ll fall flat.


We had some *really* crappy weather on the weekend (cold rain and wind) so it’s nice to see the sun pop out today.

Hopefully the weather is decent where ever you are.


Thanks for stopping in.





  1. Ummmm... we don't have a garage, but your door opener sounds like such a good deal.... maybe you could throw the garage in for free? Do you deliver?

  2. That is something we have been through many times through our downsizing. Even when we had Garage Sales you price it to give away and many want you to almost pay them to take it. (#$%&) Glad it doesn't happen often lately. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. When you say free, people will take anything , hope MR six o'clock shows up for you.
    Yep its sure was a miserable weekend, but pretty nice here in Alliance Ohio right now.

  4. We had an old "Bubba" chair in the garage - didn't want to haul it off. Hauled it out to the street put a "free" sign on it and sure 'nuff, it was gone in a matter of minutes! I removed Russ from the chair before it was hauled away...

  5. We gave away a TV on CraigsList once and got six responses. I numbered them all according to when they responded ans emailed the first one telling him if he did not pick it up by noon the next day, I was moving down the list. He picked it up that evening.

    We have used the end of the driveway giveaway as well. Once with a water damaged bathroom sink and cabinet. It disappeared within an hour. It saved the dumping fees but I am sure his wife made him throw it out when he got it home.

  6. I did that with Craig's List to sell a car and in no time I had three different guys circling the car, giving each other the stink eye. In 20 minutes, the car was gone and I took the ad down. For two days later, I still got calls about the car.


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