Monday, October 7, 2013

Will this cheer you up?

This is for you folks south of the 49th,  with my apologies for Marg’s East Coast accent.  You may be challenged to understand everything she says.

There’s no “transcript”,  so you’re on your own.

First a preamble: 

There’s a couple things going on here.  “Marg Delahunty” (and I’m not even sure of the spelling)  is a fictional Character created by Mary Walsh.  A Canadian Actress.

The show is called “This Hour has 22 Minutes.”   It’s a little lame once in awhile, but it has its moments.

We (the whole lot of us) DO MAKE FUN OF OUR POLITICIANS.  

Sorry, respect is earned.

Secondly,  for Americans I’m sure the idea of being able to get this close to a representative of the government without getting cuffed and dragged away must seem just crazy.  She is *kind of* a member of the media.  Kind of.

When I say “representative of the government”,  it’s because the Canadian Senate is the second part of our legislative process.  If you want to be bored to tears,  I’ve included a link.  Fill yer boots.

The third thing that comes to mind is,  this rather rotund gentleman that she’s trying to corral (kind of makes me think of those “piglet catching” games at country fairs)  is a Senator in Ottawa. 

Our Senate is not elected. 

I’ll say that again. 

Our Senate is not elected.  

They’re appointed,  by whatever government that happens to be sitting over at the House of Commons.   That’s why, at the present time,  there are more Conservative Senators than Liberal Senators.  Oh,  and interestingly,  there are “six vacant seats”. 

Heh heh. *nervous laughter*.  That’s due to our latest “Senate Scandal”.    I don’t even want to talk about it.

So really, I’m not sure if that’s better or worse that a House of Representatives who are a bunch of idiots,  because those guys were actually elected.   Yes.  Really.  You fine folks down there elected that bunch.

The shame of it all.

We can at least step back and say, “Hey, I didn’t vote for that porker!”  and nobody will doubt you.


Here you go.  It’s only a couple minutes.





The one and only reason that I chose to include the video?  Well, there’s not much else going on in these parts. 

Plus,  the weather for the last several days has been downright depressing.  Nothing to complain about.  We didn’t get washed or blown away.  Or snowed in.  (Three feet of snow in the Black Hills?  Seriously?) 

But a little sunshine would be greatly appreciated.  Just wanted to say that.


Today’s challenge will be to make some major strides in fixing those annoying holes I have in our dining room ceiling.  Oh ya.  Fun stuff. 

I suppose I don’t mind (too much) working with plaster overhead.  It’s just the challenge of trying to mitigate the mess.   I have pictures,  but I’ll wait until I’m done,  with the hope that what looks like a disaster right now,  will turn out looking OK.   The jury is out.   I try not to get impatient.


Hope your day is enjoyable.


Thanks for stopping in.



Hm,  and for some reason that perhaps can be explained by good ole Rick there on the Left Coast,  I can’t seem to get the entire frame of the video into the blog.  Looks good in Live Writer,  but not good out on the net.  Frustrating.


  1. Tried to watch the video but it was a no go. It said that due to copy-writing it is blocked in my country.

  2. Bob we are blocked from looking at the video in the USA by the CBC due to copyright laws..... Or perhaps they are embarrassed by its content..... ?

  3. Well I watched it. Funny stuff. Only sad part is that it's all true...

  4. Great clip, Bob. As for the video size, it can be customized to fit the width of your actual blog.

    On YouTube, when you click to Share > Embed the clip, a box with the coding will appear. It has a default width of 560px which, I believe, exceeds the width of your post size.

    Right below the coding is another box that says 'custom size'. You can use the down arrow to select a smaller size OR you can enter in a 'custom size' - ie. the standard size of your post width. When you do this the coding will automatically change to reflect this and then you just copy and paste it in your post.

  5. Did not watch your video due to limited bandwidth but am sure it was intersting.

    Kinda yukky weather but we have been getting a teeny bit of sunshine here and there.

  6. OK, I'm going to reply in general to the comments, although you well know that I typically don't.
    My apologies for the "copyright" thing.
    I used to have this frustration in Europe when I'd go to watch a video from one of the major news outlets in the States. I'm not sure how to get around it, and considering it's on YouTube it doesn't make a lot of sense.
    Isn't it the "WORLD Wide Web"??
    Anyway, sorry about that.

    And, a shout out to Rick for the pointers. I will endeavor to sort that out for the next time. Providing I remember.
    Thanks to one and all.

  7. I'm one of those who wasn't able to play it... sorry... we need some comic relief these days....

  8. Nice to see the USA doesn't have the corner on lousy politicians!

  9. Yes, I could have used some comic relief, our politicians stopped being funny a LONG time ago!


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