Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mr. Magoo on the mound.

Just a caveat.   This has nothing to do with life as we know it.  But try to stay focused.

I know not everyone follows baseball and really, I only manage to stay tuned in during the play-offs.  Perhaps it’s a character flaw,  but I became somewhat disenchanted after the “baseball strike”,  back in 1994.   Who me?  Hold a grudge? 

Well,  I’m not sure if that qualifies as a grudge,  but I just lost interest.   Plus,  it may very well have to do with having the attention span of a gnat. 

I’ll go with that.

And maybe,  just maybe if the Jays hadn’t ended up in the basement??   Who knows?



So,  I tuned in last night to watch the Sox and the Tigers.  Great game,  by the way. 

However,  one of the first things that popped into my head as I was watching the starting pitcher was,  “Why is he squinting?”

“What is he,  Mr. Magoo?”


mr magoo

Just a random thought I know, and now that I compare them, I suppose they don’t look that much alike.  


Jake Peavy



I can’t imagine having 20/300 vision.  In the case of that guy pictured above, Jake Peavy, (the starting pitcher last night) he can correct it to 20/40 with contacts or glasses.   But man oh man.  That still can’t be all that great if you’re a pitcher. 

I mean,  don’t you need to see the catcher??

At some point one of the guys with a microphone down on the field pointed out that the catcher uses these “Lee press-on nails”  so Mr. Magoo there can see the signs.  OK then!


Of course,  since I haven’t exactly been watching baseball,  I was a little intrigued (that’s a good word) when I saw all the BoSox guys with beards.




What?  The Hell??


OK,  the one on the left looks a tad fake,  but apparently these guys have been letting them grow since spring training.   What happens if they go all the way?  Is everyone in pro baseball gonna look like they just spent the winter on a farm in Pennsylvania?


smoking amish dude

Actually,  those folks pictured above are “Amish”,  and that guy had better not throw his smoke on the sidewalk.  I’m sure that’s some kind of “infraction”.  Whether it’s “venial” in nature or not,  I’m not sure.  I don’t remember, “Thou shalt not smoke.” 


So where was I?

Right,  the beards.   Holy Crap.

I’ve “been there and done that” in the beard department.   Let me just say this about that.  A beard in the summertime??  Oh boy.  I’ve grown a couple over the years.  No thanks.  Couldn’t wait to shear it off once the hot weather arrived. 

Remember this guy?


crazy chainsaw bastard

Ah yes, good times.  I think I was about 17 there. On top of a “duck pen” with a chainsaw.    Young and not too bright.  But lots of hair, let me tell ya!

I wonder if those boys of September know the “Resdan” trick?  I just tried to find “Resdan” and there seems to only be shampoo these days.  I remember a green liquid that you’d use for dandruff.   If your beard was itchy,  that stuff would fix you right up.    Probably because it got rid of the dryness.



Are you still awake?


In other “news”,  tomorrow is “Bring out your Dead” day.



Actually,  not really.   It’s one of those days on the “collection calendar”  when you can put out any amount of household junk that you’re not sure what to do with.

This old BBQ was only lit maybe once or twice this summer,  and has a “hot spot” in the burner.  Not worth it to buy a new burner,  so it’s gotta go.  

Hey,  it was free.  Someone got a new BBQ,  and it was posted on a forum from my previous employer.   Back then I had a pick-up truck,  so for the cost of a bit of fuel to go out to Oakville and pick it up,  we had a newer BBQ.  Worked just dandy for a number of years.

As I was cleaning out the lava rock though,  it occurred to me that the regulator was still working,  and would go nicely on the small Weber that we shipped over with us from Yurp.  Ha!


Simply a matter of undoing the hose,  and hooking it up to the other BBQ.


It was cleaned out by then, so I just flipper ‘er over.



You can see here the difference in the two types of connectors.    The one to the lower left there is European,  and the other is for North American tanks.


And here I thought I was going to have to take that Weber to some place like Barbecues Galore to get it switched over.  By the way,  Barbecues Galore is a place I highly recommend, since they have ALL the fittings you could ever imagine.  Don’t waste your time going to a place like Home Despot.  Half the time they haven’t a clue….

So now we have a “big” Weber and a “little” Weber.  Wonder what the poor folks are doing?  OK that’s not fair.  I have no clue what I’ll do with a second Grill,  unless we need to take it with us somewhere.  But then there’s the tank….


Well,  I see that my time is fleeting.  T.C. will be sure to call any minute.


Enjoy the rest of your day.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. The Yankees had a relief pitcher in the late fifties, Ryan Duran, without his thick glasses he was legally blind, plus he was a heavy drinker. He threw the ball 95+. During his warm ups he always threw two or three pitches to the backstop. He was a very effective pitcher who actually had good control, but opposing batters were clearly afraid to "dig in."

  2. That sure must intimidate the batter when the pitcher is squinting to see the plate.

  3. Baseball for me not much, but now two Webers, that gets me cranked, have too much fun now.

  4. Definitely not a baseball fan. Went to a Baltimore Orioles game with my brother many years ago and I've never been so bored. That was it for me.

  5. I only watch baseball during the playoffs and world series too.

    I've been growing my beard since 1975 but I sure couldn't stand to have it as long as some of those goofs you pictured - how do they eat??

    You were young, thin, strong with lots of hair? What happened?

    1. Hey! I'm still "thin".
      No wait. That be would my hair we're talking about. Never mind.

  6. I'm impressed that you grew that nice beard at 17. I'm still trying to grow one that nice and I'm slightly, well alright, waaay older than 17! :cD


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