Monday, March 12, 2012

When time stands still.

For the last well,  several Sundays now,  Travelling Companion has been indulging me with pancakes for breakfast.  

Seriously.  It’s awesome.

I know,  I’ve been shirking my responsibilities as the “cooker of all things”,  since it’s usually me that does the breakfasts on the weekends.   Well,  I “do” them during the week too,  but T.C’s is packed off in her lunch,  and mine is usually picked up at the bakery.

She wasn’t keen on me taking a photo of this particular batch from back in February,  since she wasn’t pleased with the outcome.



Hence the ‘hand block’.   I. Don’t. Understand.

My tummy didn’t know the difference.   They were JUST FINE.  Trust me.

I do try to make sure we have some blueberries on hand as well.  Oh ya,  baby!   Blueberry pancakes!  I’m going to start to drool any minute now.


As wonderful as blueberries are in your pancakes,  they wouldn’t be pancakes without a good helping of syrup.

We were just about finished scarfing down our respective heaps of pancakes,  and then it happened. 


There wasn’t any wailing and gnashing of teeth,   but we did each observe a brief moment of silence.



I’m seeing a lot of glass,  and not much syrup.


I’m trying to block it from my memory here,  but I’m sure time stood still for just a second or two?  Or at least it slowed down.  There was just enough for yesterday’s breakfast,  which was a good thing,  since there’s no place to get syrup on a Sunday.   Gah!



What?  Pancakes with no syrup?  Are you mentally deficient?   If you’re part of some weird cult that thinks it’s fine to have pancakes without syrup I,   well I just don’t know what to tell you.  You’re beyond hope.   You may very well live a long life,  but what kind of life would that be?  Really.



Now,  on a slightly less serious note.  Wait,  maybe I got that mixed up?  Whatever.  

On another note,  you’ll observe that this stuff is genuine Canadian maple syrup.  It’s Grade C,  whatever that means,  but it seemed pretty good and syrupy to me.  So what?  We don’t rate “the good stuff”?   I didn’t think there was anything less than good maple syrup.  Hello?  It’s maple syrup!

This is right up there with many of the ever so slightly bizarre things that one encounters in a foreign land.   They can’t/don’t make maple syrup here?  Are we the only ones?   I’m sure I’ve seen maple trees. 

Surely to goodness we’re not the only ones? Yes,  click the link,  you know you want to.   Has nothing to do with the topic on hand,  just so you know.


Do they ship it in those bottles and then put their own labels on them?   Does it come in bulk form and they bottle it here?   Just some of the mysteries of life.   I guess we’ll never know.

As long as there is more in the stores,  I’ll put the straight razor back in the cupboard.


Maybe this guy ran out of syrup*?



Just wondering.



Hope everyone is having a fine day.


Thanks for stopping by.


*OK,  don’t have a fit.  For the art historians out there,  I know it’s Marat, who was murdered by Cordey. Painting by David,  bla bla bla…

I just liked the image.  Since I’m in the EU,  the copyright has expired.  So there. 





  1. you are the 'only one'!..sorry had click on the Tigger!!!..and maple syrup!..but maybe that's a canadian thing?

  2. Bob soon it will be spring and you will be able to get out and around.

  3. Who me? Go nuts? Nah, I took a stroll down that road a long time ago.

  4. Anything other than maple syrup on pancakes is just not done in my world. And we make sure that syrup goes on the list when the bottle gets about half way.

  5. Hi Bob, Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments at A Camp Host's Meanderings. I love that real maple syrup too! Nothing is as good as good pancakes with warm maple syrup, oh, and soft butter.

  6. OH NO!!! I find I am a member of a weird cult - after all these years. I love pancakes - and I hate syrup! Bring on the butter though, lots and lots of butter! (No, I am NOT a cow worshiper!)

  7. Pancakes without syrup are not so good. Here in Mexico they use honey, not the same. Fortunately our Culiacan hosts still had some syrup left from our visit 2 years ago.


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