Monday, March 19, 2012

Another weekend.

We’re wearing them down.  

Thankfully the weather was just about perfect,  although it decided to cloud over this morning.  I’ll survive.

Not much to say about yesterday.  Started off very nicely:



If you don’t understand the significance of that image,  then that’s too bad.  Something to do with blueberry pancakes.   Not sick of them yet!  No sir!

It’s impossible to have anything but a good day after blueberry pancakes.


I mentioned on Friday, yes?  that we tried out the grinder.  Well,  we ended up grinding up just about an entire bag of walnuts yesterday, because T.C. just had to use the thing I think.  She didn’t want to do any baking.  Just grinding. 

Hey,  I never question these things.

And yes,  I suppose I did have to try out my new thickness planer just to see how it worked once upon a time,  even though I didn’t really NEED to plane anything.  So I do get it.

So now there are exactly three and one half cups of ground walnuts in our fridge.   Didn’t hurt a bit.

It turns out that this machine/devise/whatever is actually BETTER than the one she used to borrow back home.  Well I’ll be!    Once in a while,  the boy hits one out of the park.  Without even knowing it.

I don’t think T.C. would say that just to be nice.  She’s not like that. “Niceties”  usually only apply when it comes to things of a complimentary nature.

Speaking of which,  (sort of)  it seems that I have to make sure that applying make-up is on the “better check that” list each morning before Travelling Companion heads off to work.  One morning last week, and I don’t at the moment remember which one, this activity or rather the lack thereof escaped my notice,  which then means that this non-event is something that I needed to hear about at the end of the day.  Really?

The, “Oh,  I hadn’t noticed you weren’t wearing make-up dear”, response wasn’t going to cut it.   C’mon!  What do I know?   She did seem to be ready to head out the door in fairly short order that morning.  I just thought maybe I was dawdling is all.   Come to find out,  she missed a step.   And it was my fault.

I’m glad I don’t have a list of the things that are supposedly my “job”.  I think I’d get depressed.




So now,  is this a “gaggle”  of tourists?



Just wondering.

Every so often I see one or two,  but now and again I see a whole flock.   Oh wait,  maybe it is a “flock”?   Like,  “C’mon kids,  let’s get the flock out of here”?


Like that?




This one is for the boys back home:



For those of us with a Merkur member card,  the price is a very reasonable €9,99.   Oh joy.  I didn’t buy any.   We have enough home made Slovenian hooch to do just nicely thanks.  At a much better price too.


And now for another silly picture that has nothing to do with anything:


I mentioned that I had called the one brother for his birthday?  Well,  there’s yet another brother who will be having a birthday in a few days.   He has no internet, although he does have a phone.  I suppose I could call him,  but he’s as deaf as a post,  and I have no huge to desire to chat with his ‘charming lady friend’.

*I just shuddered*

So I figured I’d zip off a letter and mail it to him with some birthday greetings.   I managed to write a couple pages,  even though it’s hard to stay away from the “I’m here and you’re not”  kind of thing?  I usually come up with something to blather on about though.  The weather.  Avalanches.  Whatever.   See,  this is the same brother who,  back in the day when T.C. was going to school, (where she got an Honours Degree in Economics, by the way,  just thought I’d mention that)  thought that the whole “University thing”  was a big ole waste of time.   Or something like that.  I only remember snippets.  This was something he felt fit to tell directly to T.C.,  and I only really heard about it a little later, after he had left.  Probably just as well.

So I don’t actually come out and ask him how life is working out for him living in that hole in the ground,  but I’m tempted.     Well,  it’s not literally a “hole”,  but I do remember thinking,  “Wow,  what a shit hole!”  that one time when we went down there for a visit.   Thankfully it was a nice day and we could sit outside.  Let’s leave it at that.   *I just shuddered again*

Even though I make sure to write to the guy on the order of about twice a year, (hey,  I can go into my documents folder and check if it’s really all that important to you)  I ultimately never ever hear a peep from him.   Oh well.   Word is that he does get these letters.  So that’s that.

I had no qualms about putting the address on there,  since you can go and do all the searches you might like,  and you’ll be hard pressed to come up with any meaningful location as to where he lives,  and frankly I wouldn’t even care.

Let’s just say,  it’s not that bad in the summer,  but I’ve lived within a mile of the shore of the Bay of Fundy,  and I don’t recommend it in the winter time.   No sirree.


Well,  I see my ‘silly’ gauge is running on empty.   That’s it for today.


Keep those upper lips stiff.


Thanks for coming on by.





  1. don't happen to be in Europe do you??

    By the way you could have put some nuts in the pancakes.

  2. Um yes. Vienna is in Europe. Where ya been?

    Oh wait, nuts in the pancakes? Now I know you're pulling my leg!

    *phew* had me going there.

  3. Good lord. That is a long way from nowhere but the big water. Brrr. Are there even houses on that road? Oh yeah, I guess I see a handful.

    Don't tell the missus, but that strikes me funny that she'd forget her makeup, since she wears it regularly. It's kinda like me forgetting to ... uh, do stuff I do in the morning ... oh, okay, there's no real analogy for anything I do in the morning.

    Drink coffee! It's like me forgetting to drink coffee!

  4. umm last time I looked Canada was spelt with a C not a K uncle Bob!!!

  5. LOL! You really give us the essence of the two of them living out in the cold, harsh wilderness. 'Hole', yeah that's right! This had me in stiches reading along... Uncle Angus told me about your blog, and today I thought I'd check it out. I'm glad I happened to read it when it was about my crazy 'deaf as a post' Dad!! HAHAHA!!!
    Vienna, hey? That sounds awesome! That would be fun one day.

    Love to hear from ya.

  6. Seriously, nuts in the pancakes.....thats how the Mexcicans eat them!


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