Friday, March 23, 2012

Just a Friday.

Not so sure that there will be any wild and wonderful words whizzing their way from my fingertips today.  

Can’t even think of a good word that starts with “w” to replace “fingertips”.    “Wee wigglers”?

That really doesn’t work. Never mind.

There’s a “Gone fishing with my Red Wiggler” joke in there too,  but we’d better not.


A couple things caught my eye today.  Remember the “artist” from last week?   And how I wasn’t willing to go down in the afternoon to see how she made out?

Well,  she was back this morning.



There she is,  plugging away.

Maybe she does have a “day job”  and only gets Fridays off?  My guess is that at that rate,  she won’t be finished today either.  Besides,  does she get the people who were sitting on the bench to come back the following week?  How does that work exactly?   I suppose I never would have made it as an “artiste”. 


In the area of seeing things,  we do have the odd sight that bears some sort of “witness”.  




The pants kids,  the pants. 

Are they pyjamas?  Or just really awful looking?  She seems to be talking on the phone,  so presumably she’s wearing them as a result of a conscious choice,  not like she had to pick them out of a pile at the Naschmarkt.  Or better yet, if you’re from the Maritimes,  maybe Frenchy's is a good example?  I didn’t realise Frenchy’s was such a big chain until I went to their web page.  How cow!  

Anyway,  let’s not get off course here.

Speaking of clothing that makes you say, “Oh dear”,  I became somewhat entranced by this flyer from the local C & A.   We have one right around the corner from our front door here on Mariahilferstraße.   It’s kind of like,  Target or Kmart.  Only maybe not as high class.  They seem to only sell clothes,  and have a lot of stuff for kids.  Not necessarily anything that Travelling Companion would buy for any kids whom she knows,  let’s just say?  She went in once.  Never went back.  Which is really too bad,  since it’s right around the corner.


In a very broad,  far reaching sense,  it’s kind of like when you stand and look at the Mona Lisa long enough.  You start to think,  “What’s with the face?”  I don’t know if that was da Vinci’s intent,  but that was the result.  Actually,  it has more to do with the smile,  but I need the proper analogy.  Cut me some slack.

Just like this one below.   The face on this young person looks to me as if she’s saying,  “Why would you make me wear this God awful thing?  I know it’s only €13,  but seriously?”



Click on it.

poor thing

I don’t know.  Looks painful to me.  Poor little wretch.  Hopefully her modelling career will survive.


That’s about all that has popped into my pea brain for today.  Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.




Thanks for passing through.

Try not to pass out.



  1. have a great weekend, Bob!!!..looks like a good place for a nap!!

  2. You need some sand under your feet and an umbrella drink in your hand. Enjoy the sunshine. ~wheresweaver


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