Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Old Lady Soap.

This is the way these conversations go sometimes:

“I’ve run out of soap”

“Uh-huh,  what kind?”

“You know,  that ‘Olay’”

“What? Old Lady?”

“Noooo!   Not Old Lady,  Oil of Olay!”

“Right,  I’ll be looking for some Old Lady soap.”



“You’d better not!”


So of course,  in keeping with the way my brain works,  I set off this morning in search of some Old Lady soap,  which meant that a second conversation played out in my head.  Don’t worry.  *Only in my head*.

To the store clerk:   “Um excuse me,  my wife needs some Old Lady soap.  What do you recommend?”

Thankfully it doesn’t translate well into German,  or I just might have been tempted, only to see the look on some young store clerk’s face. These language barriers aren’t always a bad thing.

Truth be told,  old guys think they’re being cute when they do this sort of thing,  when really and truly they’re just being a huge jackass.  Just saying.



Drat.  I don’t see any Old Lady soap in with that lot.   I’ll see if I can get the next best thing.   No chance of getting that el cheapo stuff over there on the bottom right.  That won’t pass muster.

Most any time it says “Clever”,  that doesn’t mean you’re being clever by buying it.   Especially if it’s going to be used on your wife’s skin.  Danger Will Robinson!


So here we go.


I think the “Delicate Care”  helped influence my decision.

I won’t find out for a day or two if I chose wisely.

That’s not because Travelling Companion only uses soap every other day or some such thing.  (Oh Gawd if I said that,  I’d be in such trouble!)

It has all to do with the fact that she’s away for a couple days.   Had to head out early this morning and motor up to her second office in Schrems.    Can’t remember what that was about.   All I know is,  I had to get up early.   Started waking up at 3:00.   It’s that stupid built in alarm clock. 


Not much happening out there at six in the morning.   Just the street sweepers,  garbage trucks,  and people like me staggering around half awake.


What you don’t see in the sky there is clouds.  It’s turning into yet another gorgeous day.  If spring temperatures are in the teens,  I’m happy.

I’ll try to keep my nap short.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. ok you didn't choose wisely Bob....get your 'donkey' out there and get what you were sent for "Oil of Olay" maybe she should have give you a note?????

  2. This old lady uses Oil of Olay as well. Certainly not Palmolive. :)

  3. I think it is funny how someone can do a post on "soap" and make it entertaining! Thanks for the chuckle.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. at our house..Doug does the grocery shopping and it seems that when I am in need of 'hair products'..hair spray..mousse and shampoo..etc..there is a 'freak out look' before he heads to the store!..so now we take a picture of the bottles..works like a charm!..good luck with the 'old lady soap' purchase!!

  5. Oh, Bob. Bob, Bob, Bob. She said "Oil of Olay." I hope you bought some of that as backup. Is that laundry detergent you bought her?

    Very funny post.

  6. Well... you're really in the same boat as me when I go to Home Depot or Lowe's for Bill... I draw pictures, write copious notes, take the label off the one he's got.... and then usually have to phone him from the store and have him talk to the sales person. So your brain doesn't relate to lady stuff.... mine really doesn't to hardware... I bet TC will understand ;-)

  7. There is nothing that takes the place of Oil of Olay! Sorry Bob, I think you blew it!! Makes for great blog fodder though.

  8. I get the same response to my jokes about the "Old Navy" store near our home.

  9. Cute....now if only someone would research the contents of all these soaps. I bet most are 99% similar.


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