Monday, March 26, 2012

My sense of “time”.

Or most likely the lack thereof. 

Within minutes of hitting the “publish” button on Saturday,  it was pointed out to me that last year we in fact were in Rome over Easter,  and that it was two years ago that T.C. made Potica. 

Fine,  so time seems to have slipped away from me.  I still haven’t really come to grasp with the idea that we’ve been in Europe almost four years.  Who’d a thunk?

There was a question about just how it tastes,  and whether this had become an expensive endeavour? The answers to which are,  “Hard to describe”  and “No, not really”.

Lemme “splain”.   Potica is kind of like a courser version of “six egg” cake,  with the addition of finely ground walnuts in the centre.  That’s as close as I can get.


This piece is “no longer with us”,  since I had it for breakfast.  Other than the above rather loose description,  the only other thing to add is,  it’s good.  My powers of description when it comes to food are somewhat diminished,  and with the exception of a dish having some unsavoury texture issues,  most things I eat either fall under the heading of “Good”  or “That was a once in a lifetime”. 

I think I only ever spat something out once,  and that was a mouthful of horseradish a couple years ago.  I had never before had the sensation of a tiny and angry army racing up through my sinuses.  So I paid a visit to my white porcelain friend and made an introduction.  It was a good decision,  since T.C.  thought she’d brave it out,  only to later regret her choice.  She made some visits of her own to the porcelain friend a little later on.  We won’t go there.


The expense?   Well,  T.C. quite possibly baked the previous (two year ago) version on a baking pan,  but she wanted a couple souvenirs from Vienna.   Hence the little shopping trip on Saturday.  It mostly had to do with an upgrade,  as opposed to a necessity.  We can be a little frivolous once in a while.  We’re pretty damned frugal when it comes right down to it. 


I’m really coming up a little dry today.  It’s possibly since it’s yet another Monday,  and nothing is really all that hell fire and brimstone exciting to write about.  

Tomorrow I’ll do a little thing about Shanigartens here in Vienna,  how’s that?    I even have pictures. 


There,  that wasn’t too painful,  was it?


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. No pain at all. Actually the Potica sounds really good. Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaver

  2. Okay I'll try it sometime, perhaps with a cup of tea!!

  3. Potica sounds tasty with a coffee.

    I didn't know you had Mondays. I was always told every day is Sunday when your retired.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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