Saturday, March 17, 2012

Should I have shopping bag envy?

Not a whole heck of a lot going on today, which is pretty much the way I like my Saturdays.   The only slight exception would be doing a little shopping in the morning,  which is where I saw this rather neat shopping bag.



OK,  there’s a “bag” joke in there somewhere,  but whether the lady was an “old bag” or not,  I’m not going there.  I was being sneaky,  since I only wanted a pic of the bag.   I suppose I could have struck up a conversation with the lady and asked her where she got it,  but I try not to get agitated with those who think standing in line at the checkout somehow can be a replacement for a proper kaffeeklatsch,  so it therefore follows that I have no intention of agitating the people behind me by engaging in mindless chit chat about where someone bought a particular shopping bag.   I just thought it was neat.  

Considering that was today’s “big excitement”,  I guess we’re more or less scraping the bottom of the barrel here.



We did take a couple minutes and to give the outside table a going over.   I had just cleaned this thing a week ago and it was already kind of black.  It’s either soot,  or brake dust,  we’re not sure.


I didn’t take a picture of the dirty paper towel.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.


Unless the weather takes some sort of drastic change for the worse,  I’d say that spring is pretty much on its way.  It was in the high teens today (just think nearly room temperature,  and learn some Celsius!)  


I decided to do a “do over” when it came to the birthday call to my brother in Nova Scotia,  since last week’s call didn’t go all that well.  Having to go to a funeral service on your birthday kind of sucks.   He was in better spirits yesterday,  although he couldn’t chat for too long,  since there was someone there quoting on some work to the house.  It’s a rather old farm house that they have,  with lathe and plaster walls and ceilings,  and my understanding is that they’ve pretty much gutted the dining room and kitchen. 

Now I have to say this,  I’ve torn out lathe and plaster,  and I know just what kind of a job it is.   Best to wear your respirator.   I don’t even think a dust mask will quite do it.   If you can manage to protect your lungs,  that’s really only half the battle,  since the dust just goes everywhere.  True of drywall dust as well,  but with any old building,  there’s years of additional cr*p that gets unearthed when you start the tear-out.  It’s just a horrid,  horrid job.


Anyhoo,  that’s it for today’s missive.   Tomorrow will quite likely be more of the same,  so there may very well be a big gaping hole where some words might other wise have appeared.   Time to pour another glass of Pinot Grigio.


Happy St. Paddy’s Day for all you green beer drinking types.


Thanks for lookin’.





  1. Bob, you're the anti-John Irving, demystifying Vienna and leaving bears out of your story entirely. I mean:

    I like some occasional irving
    but, I find his obsession with Vienna and bears and wrestling unnerving.
    As a theme, at them using, he is unswerving.

    The Good Luck Duck

  2. I don't get the bag! You still have to unload it to pay for it and then reload it to carry things away. Why not just put the items in the store buggy to begin with?

  3. I like the bag... being somewhat of a bag lady myself. If I put that in my cart, I'd know exactly how much I could carry home. Hey, my parent didn't have a car so I got used to carrying groceries home at a young age....

  4. @Ducky: I've never had a craving for cider while in Vienna.
    @Contessa: My wife was also sceptical about the honkin' big bag. The lady had unloaded her cart, then stretched out the bag across the buggy, at which point she'll load up the bag for the first time. I didn't get with the program until she had already stretched out the bag. Sorry I didn't mention that bit. Only thing is, it's going to be pretty heavy. Everyone brings their own bag in these parts.
    @Essay: It's surprising how quickly one 'becomes one with' knowing just how much can be carried in one bag. Some folks bring those little two wheeled carts. I swore I'd never. My fingers can be nearly falling off from lack of circulation, but I don't care.

  5. Oh man, how I long for the days of "bring your own bag." These parts are known as the land of "throw it away - we'll dig for more."

  6. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you and yours!..Cheers..I vote for sitting at the clean table with a fine glass of wine!!

  7. Happy St. Paddy's Day to you too! Love that shopping bag! Kevin had beer but it wasn't green, don't think he could do that to his beer.

    Kevin and Ruth


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