Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Rummaging.

Oh lordy.

It’s just one single solitary piece of paper that I need.   It hasn’t jumped out at me just yet.

Yesterday more or less fell by the wayside,  since I seem to have spent most of the day cleaning up media files.  Man,  that’s a time waster!   So I failed to do a blog post.  Pretty serious stuff,  I know.

The routine was more or less the same,  but I just didn’t have the wherewithal to bore you with the details.   I’m only sitting here typing away in order to take a break from this:


Well,  I guess it’s called “keyboarding” these days?



I thought for sure it was going to jump out at me from one of those drawers,  but I was mistaken.  Unless I overlooked it,  and that’s also entirely possible.

See,  it’s “tax time”.   There are many people all over Hell’s Half Acre who are preparing their tax returns as we speak. 

In the case of Travelling Companion,  her tax “stuff”  is prepared by some firm up in Belgium.  I think it’s Belgium.  I don’t really remember.  It’s “Ernst & Young”,  or “Foolish & Old”,  or something.  I don’t know. Anyway,  it’s their deal,  since it’s just a tad complicated in her case.

In my case however,  it should be easy-peasy.    I just need that one piece of paper that the Revenuers from the Canadian Gobbermint send out each year.   You know the one.  It tells you whether you’re getting money back (with the accompanying cheque)  or whether you need to give them some more.    It also let’s a person know how much of an RRSP contribution they can make.    That’s the important number, at least according to T.C.   She figures she can do the whole thing “on the line”,  as long as I can come up with that piece of paper.  *sigh*

I remember seeing it in August when we were back home.  After that?  Meh.  It’s a bit fuzzy.

Our son-in-law has dutifully scanned and sent along a bunch of stuff that arrived at our house in Canada,  so that’s all fine and dandy.    I’ve managed to convince him to use pdf files on the last few occasions,  even though the first time he tried it,  he was sure that “pdf” stood for “pretty damned frustrating”.  I guess he’s figured it out.   It’s just easier at the receiving end to have one document,  instead of a bunch of attachments.



I haven’t received a “T-4”  in a while, (statement of income) but I do get these annoying “T-5s”.    Something to do with investment income.   Drat.


I’m sure we could put the whole thing off until maybe next year or something,  but T.C. likes these little challenges.  Personally,  procrastinating doesn’t bother me in the least.



So as not to leave on a gloomy note,  I’ll include this photo I took this morning when I was out and about.

If I was willing to sit for it,  apparently I could have had a “caricature”  done.   Why would I want to look any worse?


As my ears fill up with hair,  all the while continuing to lengthen,  and as the hair on my head recedes, I find that most days I already feel like a “caricature”,  so I decided to give that experience a ‘pass’.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. I quit working on my taxes last week and haven't gone back to it yet. Maybe next week.

  2. hope you find what you need!..darn paper trails!!

  3. I hate looking for stuff I know is right in front of me. maybe you need one of those scanners they are advertising here that scans an automatically organizing all those pesky files:)

  4. I just don't get it! When taxes in Canada are only due the end of April why oh why does everyone go bonkers in Feb and March???

    We get back from Mexico April 14th, then I have to open all the mail from Oct. 22/11, do all the banking stuff and posting and then do the company tax stuff before doing the personal stuff. Hit it really really close to deadline but no way am I coming back sooner or even thinking about it till I have to!


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