Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mystery in the mail.

Not a big one, mind you,  since I was able to figure it out in fairly short order,  even without putting on my glasses.

Here’s a bit of a clue.

Where’s it from?



Actually,  now that I do have my glasses on,  I can see how easy it would be to totally cheat,  and not have to know just whose face is on the stamp.   Um,  for the Americans in the crowd,  his brother ran off to the States with a certain Wallis Simpson.   I don’t know man,  but she must have been some hot tamale in order for a guy to abdicate the throne.   Pretty sure being the King of England is a pretty good gig. 

Anyway,  it turns out it was an invitation to an anniversary gathering for some folks we know in Jolly Ole England,  and confidence is high that we’ll be heading over there for the weekend of June 9th for the celebration.

I actually ended up covering up any pertinent information,  so this picture is kind of lame.  I did think the hand tied bow around the invitation was kinda cool.  You don’t get to see the inside.  Sorry.


Truth be told,  I didn’t even get to see the inside until late last night,  since T.C. was well, late.  I wanted her to open it up,  since it was from one of her associates.  I had already surmised that we were going to get an invitation,  since the one half of the married couple works for the same Company That Cannot Be Named,  and we went to visit her and her husband back in July of 09.   If you desperately want to be bored,  then by all means click on that link and you can be whisked back to 2009,  but I recommend just scrolling through the pictures.  Much less painful all around.

Anyway,  there had been an email,  with the question as to whether we thought we’d like to do such a thing?  Then when the invite came along,  I basically already had a clue.   Sometimes “a clue” is all I got.

You know,  when someone says, “get a clue”?  I quite often already have one.  Unfortunately it’s only just one.




So I’m reasonably happy with the job on the bike bags.  It does seem to look like I bleached out some of the colour,  but they are in considerably better shape than when I started.   These things are made to be left out in all kinds of conditions,  so they do tend to get kind of grubby,  so now they’re heaps better looking.   That’s what I tell myself anyway.

After almost four years,  I finally had to part company with the fine fitting rubber gloves I brought home with me after my last day at work.  I can’t seem to find anything similar here, at least not at a half decent price, which you wouldn’t think is such a big deal (and it’s not,  really)  except that the ones I bought this afternoon,  in spite of being labelled as “large”,  are definitely NOT.  Just a small annoyance. 


This is a picture of the one remaining glove that had not sprung a leak.


Isn’t that special?

I threw it out too.


Now,  before you get all judgemental about me bringing home the pair of gloves I used to occasionally (like,  we’re talking every day here)  wear at work,  you have to realise that,  if I had left them behind,  as opposed to stealing them (Oh my land!) whoever came along behind me would have just pitched them out anyway.  Nobody is going to wear someone else’s gloves.  No matter how much baby powder you use.   So I got four more years of use out of them.  So fine, put the cuffs on me.


Not much else of consequence happening today.   It’s been a beautifully sunny day,  even though it didn’t get nearly as warm as it was yesterday.  I think we were in the single digits for most of the day.  Celsius people,  Celsius.

I mentioned earlier in the week about the ice cream place opening up on Tuesday.  The weather wasn’t really conducive to eating ice cream for the first couple days,  and I don’t think they had more than two or three customers in the place at any one time.

I took this around noon time on the 28th.  Don’t you love all the information that comes along with digital photography? 

Pretty freakin’ dead.


It was just a tad busier today.


Getting a picture today in any way shape or form was a bit of a challenge,  since Mariahilfer Straße was just nuts.   I only ventured out long enough to pick up some new gloves,  and then went right home again.   Getting jostled by the crowds isn’t exactly my idea of a fun time. 

Funny how that works.  When we moved to Puerto Rico,  I was in the company of a person (um, T.C.?) who is most definitely not a “bug person”,  yet there we were in the sub tropics.  And man,  they got bugs!   And here I am,  not really a “people person”  living within 20 metres of one of the most crowded streets in Austria. 

I’ll guess I’ll just have to suck it up.


Hang onto your hats,  I hear it’s windy in some parts.



Thanks for stopping by.





  1. What I want to know is how you people got stuck with naming those vile little meatlike things they sell in cans. Please tell me Austria had nothing to do with them.

    I see you're still playing your (invitation) cards close to your vest.

    The Good Luck Duck

  2. Dawg! I wish I knew what you did before you retired! Those gloves conjure up all kinds of visions!!! I'm new to your post and maybe should go back and read the old entries.... No matter... your life sure sounds interesting!

  3. are you going to tell us all where you are invited to?..or will it remain a mystery until it's over....keep us all hanging on by a pretty white ribbon!!

  4. @ Duckie: Meatlike things? You lost me. Are we talking wieners? And some of the info may be revealed at some point. I'm just trying to tread lightly.

    @Odd: The key is in the blog title and over there on the right hand side where it says (hang on a sec, I just have to take a quick look myself) *right!* It says "View my complete profile". and then scroll down to the bottom of that page, and all will be revealed. It's not all that exciting, so that should save you heaps of grief.
    Hey, I get bored reading my previous posts, so I can't expect such a thing of anyone else.

    @Sue: Um, it's a 25th wedding anniversary? That's down in the corner just under the ribbon. Were you all "ga-ga" over the ribbon and didn't see it? Sometimes you can't just "skim ahead" you know.
    When we've booked our flight and sorted out some other details, I'll be sure and pass on more info.
    I guess you'll just have to "stay tuned".
    That sounds pretty contrived, I'll admit.
    Don't judge me.

  5. We call them "Vienna sausages." Weird consistency, and they taste a little like meat, having lived their lives so closely associated with actual meat. Do you not have them in Canada, either?


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