Thursday, March 1, 2012

So much for the extra day.

It was pretty much a normal day yesterday for Travelling Companion,  even though I wanted to consider it an extra day,  unfortunately that didn’t really pan out.

Apparently,  and I’m not going to name any names here  since I don’t want to get into trouble,  somebody,  somewhere,  in another country,  didn’t quite realise that there was a February 29, 2012.   What that meant was that their results for the month got rolled up to March 1, 2013.   Not sure why it wasn’t 2012.   Didn’t ask.  Didn’t care.   I’m not sure if I rolled my eyes when I was told this,  or just had a blank look on my face.  For the record,  I’m rolling my eyes now.

So,  since the minions can get away with being stupid,  this means that T.C. is the one who has to try and figure out just what it is they’ve pooched this time around.   It’s always something!

Evil thoughts come into my head which I try to suppress.  We just keep telling ourselves that “this too shall come to pass”.   When exactly, will remain a mystery,  at least for the sake of this blog. 

Don’t worry people,  when there’s a “plan”,  I’ll be sure and mention the “plan”.  Just chill out.

I no longer bother to make a phone call,  wondering just when T.C. might be able to get herself home.   It doesn’t really help,  and only puts pressure on her to try and get out the door,  usually when she’s trying to figure out somebody’s stupidity.   Therefore I simply wait for her to call from the car,  as she’s about to “get out of jail”.   This expression has become commonplace in her brief conversations with me as she’s leaving, since she’s quite often there later than the normal “closing time”  for the office, which means the big rolling gate has to be triggered,  and it takes a quite a few seconds for it to trundle it’s way open.

Sometimes I get a little hungry.  I try not to get too grouchy.  Or if I do,  I try and keep it to myself.

It so happened that meal preparation yesterday was a simple matter of left overs,  with some pasta sauce from a couple days ago,  to which I added some more veggies,  another helping of sauce, along with the two left over hamburgers from Tuesday.   I cut them in quarters of course, which meant they could have easily passed for meatballs.   Well,  plus there’s just a hint of cayenne,  along with some salt and pepper,  not that you care.

Um,  before you wonder what I’m smokin’,  the meatballs that I make for pasta have the exact same ingredients as my hamburgers.  It’s a no brainer.

So it’s one of those meals that isn’t really restricted by any time frame.  The pot can just sit there and simmer.  When I “get the call”,  I fire up a pot of water and throw in some pasta when it boils.   Easy peasy.  I may actually learn to cook one day,  but in the mean time,  I’ll just pretend.


Other than that little snippet,  I don’t have too much,  except for a couple odd little things that I saw today.



Seriously?  A Dodge Ram in Vienna?  This thing is so out of place,  it’s not funny.  To me they seem a little out of place back home.  I always thought they were way too big as far as pick-up trucks are concerned.  I mean,  I had a Toyota Tundra,  which was considerably smaller,  and I used to have a heck of a time getting it into our garage,  so there would be no way one of those things would fit.  But hey,  “bigger is better”.  Right?

(I think I just rolled my eyes again.)


Then there was this poor bugger dressed up in some sort of goofy suit outside a store on Neubaugaße.   At least it wasn’t a blistering hot day,  although I have been out in my shirt sleeves just now.  It’s something like 15°C.


Oh,  speaking of which,  I don’t think these folks are actually “sunbathing”  per se.  It seems to me to be more of a place to hang out,  up there on the roof top.  You know,  “go up for a smoke”,  that kind of thing?



I sure wish I could get those far away ones into better focus.   Oh well.


Speaking of well,  "fuzziness”,  I did see one other rather odd thing this morning when I was out and about.  I didn’t get a chance to take a picture though. 

Let me explain.

See,  there was this guy.   How shall I put this?  I’m pretty sure he was homeless.  Reasonably certain he had some mental health issues,  and I’m leaning towards that particular conclusion since well,  as he was approaching from the other direction,  he was smacking himself in the head,  just about once every second. *Note the bold type*.  And I mean,  he was really wailing away at his forehead.  It was pretty red. Please don’t try this at home,  I’m sure it must hurt.

I don’t know what the deal was.  I was just trying to figure out which side of the sidewalk to choose,  so I could give him a wide berth,  since I really wanted to be outside of the “snot flicking zone”?     Um….ya.  I guess when you hit yourself in the head like that,  snot flies out?  I’m only guessing.  But I know what I saw. 

This is just once too often that I’ve had to use that word in the last little while.  Too bad this last time it wasn’t metaphorical.  Gah!

Sorry there were no pictures.  Not that you really needed to see that.



So,  I don’t want to leave you with that disgusting image,  so I’ll put in a couple cute bird pictures to hopefully cleanse your mental palate.

I saw this guy today too:



You know it’s getting warmer when the woodpeckers start showing up.  There were actually two of them,  but the other fellow flew off.  Not sure what kind they are,  but maybe there are some bird people out there with some knowledge.  That is,  if we even need to know. 


Try and remember now.  No hitting.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. sure sounds like an interesting neighbourhood you live in!!..and boiling water and making sauce is 'cooking'!!..good for you!

  2. Coming from Montana big trucks are the norm but that one in Vienna is definitely out of place. And you do see the most interesting sights. My days are so mundane - guess I need to open my eyes more often.

  3. It's curious that when woodpeckers hit themselves in the head with trees, snot doesn't fly out. That I know of.

    Thanks for your comment yesterday. Or today, I forget. I echo your sentiments. $100,000 could have gone a long stinkin' way toward cleaning up the weak spots in the Ranch and insuring greater safety. And using the good bones and resources already present. I'm dejected by it all.

    The Good Luck Duck

  4. Wow, now my eyes are rolling - can't get that picture of the head smacking out of my mind! Okay, I'm going to focus on that cute little bird all dressed up in his power suite now.

  5. just another 'normal' day in weinerland I see...


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