Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is this a hobby?

I’ve been thinking about this,  and I realise I don’t actually have any.  I wouldn’t consider reading or following the stock market a “hobby”,  with the latter being more of an obsession.   Sometimes an annoyance.

I also realise that, although I’m a pretty good “beginner” when it comes to woodworking,  if a person is making things that are ultimately going to serve a purpose or some sort of function,  then is it still a hobby?  This is not something I do here,  obviously.  I’m talking about when we’re “back home”.


Case in point:


Dana's Bed

One of those times when “making the bed”  has a double meaning.

It’s presently being used as a place to pitch things,  and I do have a better picture somewhere,  but I could spend gobs of time hunting through folder after folder looking for a picture where it’s made up all nice and pretty.  You’ll just have to use your imagination.

I suppose this silly blog is a bit of a hobby.  There’s certainly no financial gain involved,  and it serves no useful purpose.  Kind of like having a train set.

This morning when I had this idea to go back to the store and grab yet a couple more bottles of wine on sale,  I thought that maybe that might qualify as a hobby.  Being cheap,  a hobby?   Hm.



Just as a demonstration of how little I have going on “upstairs”,  when I got to the store yesterday and stood there in front of the vast array of wine,  I really and truly wasn’t 100% positive that this was one of the ones I like.  It looked kind of familiar….

There’s very few that I DON’T like,  so most bets are fairly safe ones, and that’s probably a good thing.

As long as we stick to wine or beer. 


I KNOW I’m not keen on this stuff,  but that’s a whole other story.



I was tempted to buy a bottle just for the cool little sombreros,  but I was able to control myself.   “Tempted”?  Well,  no.


You’ll note the bottle of wine on the far right has a bit of a frosty look to it,  and that’s because it is the one that was already in the fridge,  so YES,  yes Bob,  it IS the one you like.   *rolling my eyes here*    So I went back this morning and bought two more. 

Of course,  I would buy a wheel barrow full,  but then I’d need a wheel barrow.  A couple bottles of wine,  along with a few other provisions starts to get a tad heavy after a mile or so.   Is it a mile?  I don’t know.  It’s a ways,  and I need all the blood flowing to all extremities I find.  I’m referring to my fingers by the way.  Don’t go there.


This wine is offered as a “BOGO”,  which in some retail circles is readily known as a “Buy one get one”  promotion.  And that’s OK if the price isn’t too onerous for the “one”.   In this case it was €4,99.   The “El Cheapo” in me likes to think that’s a bit on the high side,  but compared to Canadian wine prices,  that’s a bargoon.


So,  is hunting down deals a hobby?   Not sure.  Does wine “serve a useful purpose”?   Good Lordy,  a person could write an entire thesis on that one.

If “No”,  then  “Yes”.    Just like the train set. 

Sorry,  that’s too much thinking.  Let’s move along.

Oh,  before I go too far though,  I just minutes ago came back from a different store,   and as it sometimes happens,  I was presented with a “Gutschein”  (coupon)  that was attached to my receipt.  And what’s on offer?  25% off all Austrian wine.   Hmmm.



While I can certainly appreciate Big Brother keeping an eye on things,  this did seem like an interesting coincidence.   I’ll check to see if there’s anything worthwhile tomorrow.  Grüner Veltliner comes to mind.  A feller needs a hobby!




This is what we’re not doing today.



I’m not sure if you’re familiar with any of these objects, but the toilet sitting out in the hallway should be a clue.  

Travelling Companion and I noticed a particular van sitting outside the building this morning,  and she thought it had something to do with pest control. 



I briefly explained that a “Rohr” is a pipe,  and that these guys are plumbers.  Kind of like Roto-Rooter.

What we didn’t realise at that precise moment,  was that they were doing a service call in an apartment one floor below us.   My impression is that it wasn’t a complete stoppage,  but more along the lines of something that wasn’t quite “flowing down hill”  the way it should have?  When I got on the elevator a young lad from the company got on with a device that looked suspiciously like a video camera attached to some sort of snake.  He muttered something about doing some “rooting”  when I asked. 


Definitely NOT something I’d recommend as a hobby.


It’s just another Thursday,  with the usual “stuff” you see in the city. 

A couple guys up on a rooftop.  You know.  The usual.



Other than seeing the Dude on the right using a reciprocating saw at one point,  I have no clue what they were up to.  Could have been breaking in,  although I’m not sure how they would have climbed up there in the first place.


That’s it.  I’m empty.   Я пуст.


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for coming by.




  1. enjoy the wine and the view!..bloogging is indeed a hobby but so is bargoon shopping!!..
    hope the plumbing issue is below your apartment!..nothing like a clogged up pipe to mess with someone's day!

  2. I think being cheap is a great hobby. Gives you more money to spend on your hobby.


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