Saturday, March 24, 2012

Looking for the Easter Bunny.


Rain out of the west

We actually didn’t start out looking for him,  since the original intent was to find a pan of some sort in which to cook the Potica.  I think I explained Potica.

We can’t for the life of us figure out what the heck Travelling Companion used last year.  I’m sure it was a “spring-form” pan of some sort,  and I do remember eating Potica some time around Easter.   I also recall we went to Rome over Easter,  so I’m not sure when we had time to eat Potica.  No word of a lie,  we did go to Rome at Easter time and were in fact in St. Peter’s square. 

Just the same,  T.C. figured she would like something from here,  like some sort of a souvenir kind of thing,  so we went off for a little jaunt down Mariahiferstraße.   There are a few stores with some pretty neat kitchen stuff.  And some pretty neat prices.   Didn’t go to the same one where I bought the grinder.  It’s a little too far for T.C. to walk,  what with her painful knees and all.

In the meanwhile,  when you find yourself on a street like Mariahiferstraße,  you’re bound to see some well,  *sights*?

Like this,  fer instance:


There was quite the crowd gathered outside of Thalia by the time we came by.  You can look as close as you’d like,  and you won’t figure out how that person is perched up there.  Obviously there’s a platform that is covered up by the towels or whatever on the ground.  A rather harmless way to beg for money I suppose.   Better than these stupid chicks who try to shove flowers in people’s faces and then ask for money.   I didn’t do a good job of getting her picture this morning,  since I wasn’t quite willing to keep up:

Be warned,  I’ve made this one into the ‘large’ format,  so you’d better have the bandwidth….


These “young ladies”  have a Eastern European look to them,  possibly Bulgarian,  and their “shtick”  it to give you a rose and then put the bite on your for some money.   We seem to have the same two who regularly parade up and down the main drag.  They must recognise me or something, since they’ve not approached me in a long, long time.   I tend to just give them the “look”.   Kind of like the way a major league pitcher will look back a runner who might be taking a lead off first base?

Anyway,  we got a couple different pans.  Nice ones.  That’s all I’ll say.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll take a pic.


But we did find the Easter Bunny! 

Ain’t he cute?


That is him,  right?

Not sure where he would have kept them,  but I’m pretty sure those are the same ears he was wearing last year.  And probably the year before.   I do have pictures.  Somewhere on a drive.  But then again, maybe he makes new ones every year?  One of life’s mysteries.  We’ll never know.  Trust me.


Enjoy your weekend.


Thanks for coming by.




  1. This "potica" meal seems to be adding up in it really worth it?? What does it taste like???????

  2. Glad you found the Easter bunny again, we are still looking here. Your potica looks like a delicious treat, and nice shopping day looking for the pan.


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