Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Window of opportunity.



That might be ever so slightly lame,  but a feller runs out of titles eventually.  I suppose I could have done another “Wordless Wednesday”,  but that’s a challenge, since I’m usually itching to blab about something.  Or nothing.

The Weather Man says we’re supposed to have a couple warm days,  but I still waited until almost noon to start on the other side of the kitchen window.  Not that I don’t trust Meteorologists or anything.  I mean, they so know what they’re talking about.

See,  this is my slight “problem”.  I do tend to have little projects that get put off or slightly sidetracked.  Not earth shattering stuff mind you, like forgetting to lower the control rods in a nuclear reactor.  That would be bad. 

I’m just talking about little things.  Too numerous to mention.  Maybe some sort of maintenance thing.  A bit of trim that’s missing.  Do I need a “punch list”? 

Oh Gawd no. 

Speaking of little things,  and that whole messing with drywall over your head thing,  I wanted to show you this:



This is one of those “Old Caretaker” tricks where, if you don’t want plaster or drywall dust going all over you or the room,  you poke a hole in some cardboard and use it as a great big ashtray.  Since I already had a hole in my template,  that’s what I used.

Of course, allowing the cardboard to spin with the driver?  That would be bad.



And of course,  I did get out last night and pick up some new lamps of the proper voltage.

And the holes?  Well,  it occurred to me that I do NOT have any bits of drywall hanging around.   Cr*p!

I’d really rather not have to buy an entire sheet.  Not sure what I’d do with a four by eight sheet of drywall getting in the way and becoming a haven for the spiders. 

Hm, *thinks* I do have the back room of the shed that I want to finish off (see “unfinished crap” above),  but it’s not really on the agenda for the foreseeable future.

There’s other unfinished crap that takes priority.

I had a small piece squirreled away once upon a time, but when we moved to Europe in 08,  I did a major purge.  Like I mean, truckloads.  And I know it wouldn’t have been bothering anyone,  but I just didn’t want so much stuff under foot.  Besides, unless you’re going to lie drywall flat,  it doesn’t do well being stored for long periods. 

Meh, I’ll figure something out.

Travelling Companion has promised she’s going to take tomorrow and Friday off.  Still has to go on a call in the morning, but that’s not a big deal.  Not so sure we’re going to actually do anything, except maybe torture ourselves in the “garden”.   

It’s supposed to rain Friday (see section above about the Weather Man) so maybe we’ll go to the pub together?  Like, in the car?

What a concept. 

My beer intake will be severely compromised, but I’ll suffer.


Anyhoodle,  I’d best go and check on my pasta sauce.  No pictures.  Sorry.


Keep it between the ditches.

Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Too bad Ohio isn't a bit closer to you.... I'm sure Bill has a sheet or so of drywall stored in the barn... only been there (at least) 13 years... but of course it WILL be needed one of these days. Purge? What's that?

  2. The chandelier looks good, but the tile colours remind me of the German flag.
    Only a woman can ask: how can a flat cardboard work as an ashtray? Could have used that trick just a few weeks ago when P. worked on the entrance. Lots of white, powdery dust everywhere, even upstairs......:((

    1. OK, maybe "ashtray" was the wrong choice. How about "catch all"?

  3. Compromise your beer intake?
    Hmm drive car there, take taxi home, win, win!
    Maybe but some vent covers in the holes or speakers up there?
    Just sayin !

  4. I always find I need something just after I've thrown it out. Pack Rat mentality that took a long time to learn and quickly to unlearn after I hit the road in my RV fulltime. ;c)

  5. I wouldn't call your title 'lame''s close!

    Home Depot sells drywall in pieces as small as 2' x 2' for those little jobs. It's easy to put in any car trunk too.


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