Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Paring down that list.

Well fortunately, we don’t have an actual “list”,  which is a good thing.  It would be too overwhelming.

It’s more like,  I get up in the morning and formulate a thought or two as to what I *think* I’d like to do that day. 

Something like that.

First of all,  the temptation was there to go back to bed,  since it was a wee bit cool last night in these here parts,  and there was no danged way I was firing up the boiler.   It’s supposed to go up to 23°C tomorrow!

The temperature on the thermostat was reading 66°F this morning,  and I hadn’t yet switched our duvets over to the heavy duty winter set.  Got that sorted out this morning already.

That same winter set was the ones that we actually  doubled up (there are snaps) when we spent our first winter in Europe, in the Netherlands.  It wasn’t so much the location,  as the fact that the house had no heat upstairs other than one vent in the bathroom.  I mean,  that was a good thing,  since then the bathroom would be warm,  but you had to keep the doors closed or it was all wasted.  Coldest winter they had had in ten years.  Just in time for us.  That was special.


Some time after lunch I worked up my courage to tackle the chandelier. 

Let me tell you this.  No matter how much you go over it in your head, there’s bound to be something that goes a little sideways. 

I had lined up two of the screws such that they would be driven into the ceiling joist,  but of course I managed to turn the stupid thing just enough such that I was trying to do that with the one screw that was a half inch shorter. Gah!   I just had to replace that one shorter screw with a longer one is all.  Got a certain amount of an upper body work out, and you would have never known it was cool in the house this morning,  that’s for sure.  Just a couple drops of sweat.


This is the bonehead’s guide to hanging such a critter by yourself. 

So just how the heck to you keep the support on,  and still reach through to put in the screws? 



That was my attempt at a “Eureka” moment.  It’s all I got.

Then after it was secured to the ceiling, I just needed to retrieve the little stainless caps that I had squirreled away in the shop.


I can’t remember what Travelling Companion suggested for dinner,  but I knew where those things were.

Why is that?  I know I was listening to her, but it’s gone. 


Anyway,  now all I have to do is fix those two holes where I took out the pot lights.   No biggie.  (he says)





Oh, and I can’t very well light it up yet either,  since I don’t have lamps that are the proper voltage.  As soon as T.C. shows up here with the wheels,  I’ll nip over to Home Despot.


Hey,  that only took me six months!  It’s not like we were using oil lamps in the meantime. No sense in rushing these things, y’know.


I suppose I might even put it on a dimmer?  Meh, we’ll see.


Bean salad!  That was one of the things.  I don’t remember the other.   A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

I’d best get on with it.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. Took "us" nearly two years to finish the new entrance. But "family" will be coming for a visit these days. That has sped up the thing. Ha!

  2. No need to hurry the project will be there tomorrow or the next day.

  3. Looks real PURDY! I'd say it was worth waiting for - now get on that bean salad...maybe a grilled chicken breast to go with it.

  4. I still find the best solution is not to start those projects in the first place!

  5. I couldn't have even got that project started in six months, let alone finished it. You deserve a well earned pat on the back!

  6. What do you need a dimmer for? Those 220v bulbs will run nicely at half brilliance... LOL Think of it as candle light....

    1. Well, it was already missing a couple that I had to steal before we left Vienna (needed replacements for the lamps we had to leave behind) so I had to go with 110s.
      Of course, the "European fit" ones were exactly twice as much as the run of the mill slightly smaller ones for North America. Figures.
      The base is just slightly bigger.

  7. I would say that down comforters and Austrian crystal chandeliers are worth all the effort. great job.

  8. I had to laugh when you said you had a plan in your head on how to tackle the chandelier.

    It reminded me of the Mike Tyson quote about how guys "planned" to fight him. He said "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face"!!


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