Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dough-nuts and muffins and brownies, oh my.

I was going to say “Timbits®”, but that’s more of a Canadian cultural thing,  and not everyone knows what that is.  

Click that link above if you’re unsure.


Speaking of “holes”,  I seem to have captured a couple of them.  There were more treats, but that was before the rest of the volunteers arrived.

Had I realized there were so many treats involved,  I’m sure I would have offered to volunteer years ago.  What was I thinking?  

Of course,  that aspect may very well have more to do with the coordinator this year,  but I have no previous experience against which to compare.

I can certainly chalk it up to being a little bit slow,  but I guess I hadn’t ever given it too much consideration.  Today’s meeting,  which was mostly for the benefit of a room full of newbies,  took up a whopping two hours out of my Saturday morning and next Sunday,  the day of the event,  should be all wrapped up by noon time. 

Not a hardship.

Now, if we start talking about the time and effort spent by the coordinator, my impression is,  that’s a much bigger kettle of fish.



Some of you out there in Blog Land may not know just who this fellow is,  and I’ll simply provide a link that you can read to your heart’s content.  You may need a few minutes.  

I’ll wait right here…

And now I have to confess to the reason that I perhaps up until now have only been willing to quietly give money to this cause,  and that is simply because I do get a little emotional when I think of just what this fellow did for cancer research,  not just when he was alive,  but posthumously as well.

But hey, I’m now at an age when,  if you see me shed a tear or two, you know what?  I don’t don’t give a shit.  So there.


It’s only an estimate of course,  but the Terry Fox Foundation has raised something like 600 million for cancer research.   As far as the Burlington end of things is concerned,  every single penny (well, we don’t use pennies anymore in Canada,  but you know what I mean) goes to the Foundation.  All the volunteers,  all the food,  all the permits etc., come from additional money raised or paid for by the volunteers.   The Foundation itself does have to hire and pay for a few people,  since there are tax receipts and stuff like that to deal with,  but that’s bound to happen with any charitable organisation. 

If you feel you’re up to it,  here’s a short four minute video of his “Marathon of Hope”.




Anyway,  that’s how I spent my Saturday morning,  and since it was raining like crazy, it was a productive use of time. 


Meanwhile,  I couldn’t help but notice yesterday afternoon (doing my best Gladys Kravitz impression again) that the neighbour across the way was getting into the replacement stage of his house fixing up.




At that point in the day I’m just about *done* for the day,  so I was inside having a bite to eat. 

You see, *somebody* was up already at five,  which of course means that Muggins here also has to be up to make lunch for that certain *somebody*.   So I was more or less on the go from six o’clock on,  so by about noon time,  I needed to sit down. 

You know,  even though we didn’t follow any strict guidelines,  at least when I was working,  I would try and take a break in a timely fashion.  Around here, most days I just seem to go until I’m about ready to pass out. 

I should take that up with my Union Stewart.  Oh wait,  that would be me.  Never mind.


I’m not sure where the day went yesterday,  since it seems that I turned around twice and it was over.  And I was zonked.  Between being up that early,  and then riding to the pub and back,  I was barely able to stay conscious enough to watch Jeopardy!

Can’t miss Jeopardy.  It’s the only TV I watch.  That and a bit of news and weather. 

And that’s why I didn’t get a chance to include a couple obligatory “Weber BBQ” pics.   Just,  you know, to drool over.

Vegans can look away.





Definitely not Tofu.

Plus,  I have this thing about steaks.  I either want something that almost melts in my mouth,  or forget it.  These are tenderloin. (“Lungenbraten”  in German)  Thick enough so that they don’t end up like shoe leather.

I sort of have that attitude about opera tickets.  Go big or go home.  Who wants to sit up in the cheap seats?  Not that I want to get spat on by the lady in the big dress,  but I want to be in maybe the first twenty rows?  Otherwise,  forget it!  I’m not just going there to say that I went,  I want to be up front.


So I’m sure I’ll be taking a few pictures next week at the Terry Fox Run,  even though I’ll be manning one of the registration desks.   Could be tense man!  Could be tense.

But really?   Once upon a time,  when the Canadian Division of the Company that Cannot be Named would have their PR events at places like Grand Bend or Cayuga,  we experienced similar throngs of people lining up to either get fed or get their bags of swag, so putting on a smiling face and blocking out the throngs is not completely new to me.   Besides,  that was *business*,  and the Terry Fox Run is all about having fun while raising money.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Hopefully you’re getting rain if you need it.  We are and we do.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Good for you for doing your 'bit' for the Terry Fox Run. Certainly a worthwhile event. Kudos.

  2. I have heard of Terry Fox and all his efforts in cancer research. That would definitely be a good cause to volunteer with. Melt in your mouth steak - nothing like it.

  3. UH-OH.
    Sorry, but Lungenbraten??? NAAH.
    Where in Germany did you eat that? I am sure you meant "Lendenbraten".
    Lende = old fashioned for kidney.
    Lendenbraten made from muscle meat cover over the kidney area.
    Lunge = lung.
    There is a "Lungenhaschée". That's is fried lung tissue. Very popular in Austria, Bavaria and there around. NOTHING I would eat.
    So there.

    1. Well, those Austrians were always being accused of not really speaking German. I suppose I should have taken a picture, but it was definitely called "Lungenbraten". Maybe because a tenderloin kind of *looked* like a lung? I know it's supposed to be "Lendenstuek" or something like that, but I knows what I saw.

    2. Thanks to you Bob, I learned something new today. And all because of this "Lungenbraten" topic.
      It is obviously malapropism, a language blunder. The word used sounds similar to the one intended.
      Malapropism example:
      Alice said she couldn't eat crabs or any other crushed Asians. (crustaceans)
      Tom is the very pineapple of politeness. (pinnacle)
      or like Archie Bunker said:
      "Patience is a virgin". (virtue)

      I dug a little around to find the story about this "word blunder".
      The origin is the Latin word "lumbus" (loin). But ordinary people didn't speak Latin. So they heard strange word and used something that sounded similar.
      During the medieval age it became "lume, lumpe. In Vienna during baroque people started to call it "Lummelbraten" or "Lumpelbraten". In the 18th century the first "Lungel-Bratl" version surfaced. From there it deformed into "Lungenbraten".
      In Germany: Lendenbraten.
      By the way, I do the malapropism thing myself and everyone realizes that English is not my native language. It is often a source of great hilarity.

  4. Good for you volunteering to help out with the Terry Fox Run. Have you had the opportunity to visit his memorial near Thunder Bay? We stopped there last summer during our road trip out to Saskatchewan. Very emotional experience to be there where he was forced to end his run because of the cancer.

  5. We have donated over the years and actually watch Terry fox Run by us way back when up in Bracebridge area.
    The steak no matter what you call it does need to melt in my mouth, A cooked on the Weber Q to perfection.

  6. Terry Fox certainly has left a legacy with the foundation named in his honour. Good for you to volunteer to help.

    Whatever there called in German, Austrian those Tenderloin Steaks look terrific and cooked to perfection.

  7. That was a most interesting segue from tenderloins to opera - don't believe I have ever seen anything like it before!! Takes talent...

    Thanks for volunteering next week for a most valuable cause.


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