Monday, September 9, 2013

I accept!

The challenge,  that is.


Now, before I continue,  I should mention that this brainstorm popped into my head way back on Saturday night.  But I thought, “Meh, I’ll just hang onto this.”  since it wasn’t going anywhere by itself.

But I did some clicking here and there on the net,  and I’m not letting all that “hard work” go to waste,  dammit!

*If I think of all the time we spent as students in the library at McMaster,  looking at actual….books!  Man oh man, how the times have changed.*




It must be some sort of left over from getting that, “Liberal arts education”,  but when challenged about something I’m pretty sure that I know to be a fact,  I just can’t leave it alone.


Someone is wrong on internet

I had to put that one in.  Sorry.  Just makes me chuckle.



Of course,  you CANNOT believe everything you read on the net.  Just saying!  You have to put things in context.  Look at various sources.  You know.  Do research??  That’s really what it’s all about.

This was true way back in the dark ages when we had to read these things called “books”,  and try and glean information.  Some authors were out there in left field.  (what’s so wrong with being in “left field” anyway?  That’s where most hitters hit the ball.)


So here we have it:

Vegans look away.  Those are cuts of beef.

beef cuts

Of course,  since this is something that I stole off the net,  it’s not a terribly good picture or anything, since it won’t get that much bigger if you click on it.

However,  for the full story (it’s in German,  sorry) we do have a website at our disposal.


I give you,  all the cuts of beef.

Here you go.


I do wish I had stumbled on this one a few years ago,  since I used to stand at the counter at Radatz,  (the butcher/deli) wondering just what the hell I was buying.  Or should buy.

I mean,  I do the same when I’m standing at the counter at Denninger's, but at least I’ve picked up a few snippets when it comes to cuts of meat over the years,  and whatever they’re offering is in English.  It does help.


In the meanwhile of course Bea,  way over there on Campobello Island,  had pointed out that well,  I might be “mistaken” (my term) about my recollections about buying meat in Vienna. 

Chances of that being the case are extremely high.  I’ve been known to “make up sh*t”,  but hey,  I did win that Trivia contest a few months back,  and have the windbreaker to prove it.  I thought it was a bit of a miracle,  but once in a while there’s a glimmer of synaptic activity in my pea brain.


So, having my confidence in my recollections utterly shattered (you can insert the sarcastic font in here, by the way)  I thought I’d have to see if I couldn’t find some sort of proof of what I saw,  and bought.  Or, *thought* I saw?  Was it all a dream?  Did we ever live in Vienna? 


Whether we want to call it “malapropism”,  which is an awesome word by the way,  or just gibberish,  the bottom line is,  the Viennese speak “Wienerisch” ,  which I will attempt to put into some sort of phonetic version thus: Veenerisch.   Got that?

I’m sure there are all kinds of two dollar words to describe “Viennese”,  but it’s sort of a German version of “Newfie Speak”.    I’m not sure what the equivalent would be south of the 49th,  but perhaps trying to understand someone giving you directions “down in da bayou”,  would be close?


I’ve engaged in brief conversations with those who spoke to me in Viennese,  and I’ll just emphasize that it was indeed brief.  My internal language processor was working overtime,  let me tell ya. 

Even the Germans in the Company that Cannot be Named, listening to those of Austrian origin who were trying their best to speak something that was understandable, would point out that, The German Language was in fact, not really being spoken. 

Kinda tough to carry on business too,  by the way.

But hey, languages evolve, which is probably why they try to get everyone to use English….


So I think we can put it to rest.   I did in fact,  buy “Lungenbraten”,  which was a totally made up word by those darned Austrians. 


Meanwhile,  on the home front.  I have a couple pictures of some food,  and something close to food.



This was from Saturday night,  I just liked the way the vapour was coming up off our pasta meal.   Oh, and it was quite good too. 


On the other end of the spectrum of all things edible,  we have (had) these abominations that had been passed off as “cookies” or “biscuits” or something.  I think the *thing* was that,  they were “gluten free”.  OK, whatever!

Well,  I’ve had stuff that’s gluten free,  but that didn’t mean it was free from taste,  or so nasty that you couldn’t even take another bite.


I left them out last night for the Raccoons.   They cleaned them up.




There we go.  Took care of that.  Note all the paw prints.

Man, those guys will eat anything!

For those of you unfamiliar with this little green bin,  we have a means of disposing of our compost here in our municipality.  This includes meat, fish, bones, plus the usual stuff that you’d put into the compost.  We do have a garden composter as well,  so it’s not like all of it goes out. 

The beauty of this concept is,  we no longer have the issues with vermin in the garden composter that we’ve experienced in past.  The rats don’t give a rat’s tiny behind about grass clippings or weeds.  Plus,  I’ve suspended the green bin in such a way that it is difficult to get into.  Difficult,  but not impossible.

Them Raccoons are a cleaver lot.

Daughter Number Two told us a little story about some sort of trapeze act?  Didn’t get any photo evidence,  but she was so impressed,  she was almost willing to take the two circus performers out a nice tray of goodies.



We’re supposed to get another short heat wave,  so I’d best get busy.


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I'm with you on the gluten free stuff, it's "stuff" because it can't possibly be food... ;c)

  2. Haven't tried any of that gluten free stuff so I'll just take your word for it that it's fit for the animals.

    Always nice to find out if you're right or wrong. Usually wrong in my case.

  3. You are a brave soul to feed the racoons. Pretty soon you will be living with a lot of them; )

  4. There is some decent gluten free stuff, not much mind you. Preferably home made I have a sister and a daughter than do quite well with that.
    But mostly good for what you did with, too bad it is so expensive to buy.

  5. Gluten free seems to be the new fad. I've been ignoring it like all the others.

    So, you're a real 'meathead'. That's my takeaway from your excellent description of the Viennese definition of whatever that meat you were buying was called. It's great to be an expert, Bob, congrats!

  6. We're visiting Bill's sister... she's lactose intolerant and eats "gluten-free". It can be a challenge at mealtime ;-) That community compost is a great idea. That's one thing I miss about living on the road... hard to recycle everything.

  7. You only need to eat gluten free if you are allergic to gluten. It's not a "fad" at all. Ruth has learned how to make decent foods that are gluten free. Her chocolate chip cookies are the best!

  8. There is good stuff and bad stuff. We have a friend with gluten problems. When she cooks gluten free dinner it is always delicious, even for us "normal" people. Luckily she brings her own food when we invite them over to our house and I don't have to go into twist to get it all right. Was that a malapropism now? :))

  9. P.S. sorry I couldn't help it writing about that meat thing. I am challenged because of my legacy: I grew up as a daughter of a German chef who was the head of a kitchen that prepared food for 1500 people every day. So.
    I particularly remember the day when my father ordered the meat (for rumpsteak and lendenbraten) for our wedding. (We lived in Norway at the time.) When the meat arrived my father was in tears because the Norwegian butcher had cut everything in slices and chunks with a bandsaw. That was the general Norwegian way to do it. We knew, we had ordered meat every fall, but he didn't. Well, we got married and the food was good, but I will never forget that incident. We should have warned him.


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