Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just a few words for this Wednesday.



twin towers


It’s just a small image,  so I don’t think there’s much point clicking on it.  I thought I’d go with a nice “before” picture.

And there’s not too much else to say that hasn’t already been said.

I will say this though, whatever it was you were doing on that day,  will forever be indelibly etched into your memory.  I was painting our kitchen. Something called Havana Brown, I seem to recall. I had torn apart the old kitchen, since I was renovating, (like that’s a stretch) and the walls were completely blank, so it was a good time to paint.

Travelling Companion called me from work.  Told me to put on the TV.  You know the rest.


But hey!  I have me a segue! 


Today was the day to get our paint tinted.  Yay.

Please note, there’s no exclamation mark after the “Yay”.  Did you catch that?


Seems we’re in the “it’s time for some new paint” cycle.  Oh yes kids!  The wonderful “pea soup” that we’ve had in our living room, dining room, hallway (oh Gawd, it’s everywhere) is going to have to go!  And guess who gets to do the painting? 

Don’t misunderstand,  I quite like the “pea soup”.  It really is “wonderful”.  I thought it was wonderful.

However, and all you gentlemen out there need to pay attention to this,  whatever paint colour I like,  doesn’t matter.  

Repeat after me,  “I have no opinion when it comes to paint colours”.  

There.  (just keep saying it over and over)

In the mean while,  I still have that bloody chandelier to put up in the dining room,  so one thing at a time.  Plus, I had better start with the living room ceiling,  just to be on the safe side.  I see a few issues.   Also need to repeat after me,  “paint the bloody ceiling first”.


Today was my day to have the car and run the roads,  but I was quite done with that program by about noon time.  Of course,  it was just a wee bit too uncomfortable outside for doing much of anything except dashing from the air conditioned car to the air conditioned house.  And silly me,  I removed my window unit air conditioner from my shop just a few days ago.  I mean, heat wave?  C’mon, what are the chances? 

Pretty good,  as it turns out.

Of course, as I type this,  the temperature is falling outside.  We’ve had a “Thunderstorm watch”.  Or maybe it was a “warning”.  So that was it for our “heat wave”. 

Technically,  it seems to me that you have to have three days of being over a certain temperature for it to be considered a “heat wave”.  I’d look it up,  but we won’t need to know that bit of fluff until next June. 

I’m going to go with that.



I was hoping for some really cool clouds,  but nothing was really developing.  That’s all I got.

On the way up to Milton to the Company that Cannot be Named,  there are a couple level crossings that can mess with you a bit.  We were lucky this morning,  since I spied a great long freight train a little farther up the tracks after we had crossed the first one,  but there’s another crossing on the way into town that can be problematic.

Seeing this however,  was a bit of a first.

Couldn’t figure out what that Dude was doing on the tracks.



Turns out he was not only on the tracks,  he was “ON” the tracks,  and was coming onto the roadway at that crossing.  Didn’t take him long,  and the barriers were already up by the time I got there.  I always thought that would be cool to drive your vehicle on the train tracks.

Well, until there’s a train coming,  but I imagine that have some kind of system for that.  Sure hope so, anyway.




Rather than go straight home,  Travelling Companion and I decided to have someone else slap some food down in front of us,  so we stopped in at The Raging Olive for some dinner.

We rarely bother with menus, since we both know what we want already at the precise moment when we decide to go there.  And I’m going to screw up the word order (again), but it’s “Greek Chicken Salad”.  Or is it, “Chicken Greek Salad”?   It doesn’t matter.  Our waitress knew what we wanted.  The only thing on there that I don’t eat is the olives.  Yes I know,  it’s “The Raging Olive”,  but I don’t like olives.  What can I say?  I just pass them over.

News flash.  It’s neither.  I just went to the site and looked at the menu,  it’s “Greek Grilled Chicken Salad”.   OK then, forgot the “grilled” part.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Whatever,  it was awesome.  But really? That’s too damned many words.  “Gimme that Chicken Greek thing!”  (dammit!)

No, we’re polite.  Really,  don’t get the wrong idea. 

Note: You should never, ever be rude to the person who is about to bring you your food.  Not if you want to stick it in your mouth at least.  This should be one of those little life lessons.  Just thought I’d mention it.  Aren’t I helpful today? 


That’s about it for today’s big adventure.  Um, pretty sure that would be the “sarcastic font”?   If you’re not asleep by now, God bless ya.


And remember, (because it’ll be hockey season soon enough) keep your stick on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You just crack me up... you're WAY too close to my way of thinking. Don't think I'd mention this in my own blog... (not sure if my relatives read it or not) but that paint thing hit home... not paint... but just point of view. Sometimes it just amazes me how far "we" are off in what we think about things. Color of paint... who gives a good @#$%%? Good luck in keeping the household happy.... Don't know how many you and TC have been together, but I'm thinking that it's going to take well over 50 years to achieve agreement on "pea soup". 'nough said!

  2. What is worse is when you decide on a nice colour of paint, have it blended and of course they show it to you and it looks great. Now after applying it to the walls and letting it dry it's nowhere near what you thought you were wanting. It's like a c$%p shoot but I can't say that because I hear they have paint colour by that name now. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. My solution to the paint problem is not to paint.

  4. “I have no opinion when it comes to paint colours”.
    “I have no opinion when it comes to paint colours”.
    “I have no opinion when it comes to paint colours”.
    “I have no opinion when it comes to paint colours”.
    “I have no opinion when it comes to paint colours”.

    There! I feel much better now. Thanks, Bob.

  5. No opinion on paint colors? Smart Bob! ;c)

  6. We painted everything off white, no discussion, no problem, clashing, worked for us!


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