Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Great Book Heist.

Well,  for me it was admittedly more like “pilfering”,  but for the two gentlemen with whom I went on this little expedition?  Well, it’s just a good thing we didn’t have to carry the books too far. Then it was a matter of finding a place to either have just a coffee or maybe breakfast, where we’d have enough room to spread them all out and compare notes.  And expectations.

Last week at the pub,  the subject of the annual sell off by the Hamilton Public Library. came up.   I was intrigued.

Hey, if you can buy hard covers for three bucks?  Soft covers for a buck?  Never mind that,  how about DVDs and CDs for a buck? 

Can’t beat that with a stick.


This was my tiny bit of loot. 

Each of the other two piles were considerably bigger.  These two “pub buddies”,  as I’d like to call them,  have formed their own “book club”.  There’s just the two of them,  but they get a kick out of it.

Meh, why not?

I would offer to join,  but I’d never be able to keep up with them.  No, seriously.  These guys can devour books.  Me?  The attention span of a gnat.

I tried not to bite off more than I can chew or in this case, read.  Plus, I didn’t have the patience to go through the scads of CDs available.  One of my co-conspirators scored a Bruce Springsteen CD for a buck, among many others.  “You can’t beat The Boss for a buck.”

Unfortunately, in my haste to get out the door in the morning I didn’t take along a camera.  Dough head.  It happens.  It was kind of a flea market experience,  only without the musty smell.  Well, except for maybe some of the more “studious” book buyers.  We won’t go there.

By the time I got home in the early afternoon,  it was just a wee bit too sunny on the west side of the house to do much in the way of window work, so I left that until this morning.  I did manage to scrounge up some drywall,  as my sister-in-law let it be known that there was lots to be had in her garage.  So I have no reason to not start on the ceiling, except for the fact that the weather is still mild enough to sort out the windows.


You know the routine.


I have to say that,  my motivation is really not all that high,  but I don’t want to leave them for one more season.  The sun and rain have beat them up quite a bit, but since it’s wood, I can sand it down and put on some fresh finish.    That’s the theory.

Not much else going on here at the Ponderosa.  Just plugging away.

Let’s hope this weather keeps up,  although last night it went down to the low single digits.  I had thoughts of putting on the heat,  but our bedding is such that I quite often end up getting too warm.  Sure wish we had had something like that back on the farm.  There were some nights I damned near froze.  I’d have so many blankets on top I could barely move,  but it didn’t matter.  If only there had been down comforters.  Mind you, even if there were such a thing, I doubt we could have afforded it.  I mean, we ate well since it was a farm, but all those things like, having clothes to put on our backs? Or shoes on our feet?  That was a challenge, but we survived.

Well,  pitter patter.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Ahhhh... I have a stack of library cards from all over ???.... books... reading... to me, one of the real pleasures of life. (I won't go into all the others)... I'm kinda jealous that you can bring home an armload and not worry about what they weigh. Where we just left in NM, the library was having their annual book sale... I wouldn't even stop to look... I KNOW that I'd come home with bags full. What a joy reading a good book can bring!

  2. Went into a library in Port Orford while on our recent trip and they had a big shopping bag filled with books for $3. Of course I bought it. The next library we visited had a paperback exchange rack, so I took the books from the bag that I didn't want and exchanged them for ones I did! Sweet! We go to libraries when we travel mainly for free internet but free (or cheap) books are good too. One of my (and Russ's) favorite things - BOOKS!!

  3. Books have been to me what TV is for others. Like to have one in the car, in case I have to wait for P. when he is shopping. Useful for every situation where I have to wait. Time flies by with a good book. I guess I can be called a "bookaholic". :))

  4. Nothing like a good book when waiting for something, laundry, shopping, doctors appointments etc.....
    Keep warm there.

  5. Good deal on those library books. I'm mostly into reading books on my eReader now. Our library is pretty good for free downloads too so that's pretty nice especially when we're on the road.

  6. Love to read real books. Don't think I could get use to holding a machine in my hands to read from.


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