Thursday, September 12, 2013

A little project in the fore noon.

I was going use the term “Bake to Hork”,  but I’d have too much explaining to do. 

I’m sure I’ve mentioned one of my former Caretaker-type associates, who only made it to grade three in the Azores?  Kind of makes learning a second language (English) a bit of a challenge.  He got by though.  Although,  there were times when I would go along as “interpreter”, and I don’t speak Portuguese.



A number of years ago, I slapped up a couple cupboards in the laundry room (for lack of a better term) and didn’t quite get finished.  Well, something like that.

I had put up the one cabinet with a set of doors on it,  and then had this *bright* idea to use some left over bits and put a skinnier cabinet right next to it.  There’s a chimney right there,  so I was sort of working around it. 

Meanwhile,  having one side open has been something that’s been one of those minor annoyances that I decided to sort out this morning.


It just didn’t look right,  and there’s all that dust.

See,  if I had just left well enough alone with the one on the right,  I’m sure that would have been just fine. Why do I do these things?


But,  it was probably worth the effort to re-familiarize myself with installing European style hinges and such.  I mean, I *have* the tools, it’s the knowledge that has started to wither up,  so a little refresher never hurts.


I had said when we left Europe that I really didn’t want to do any more ironing. Darned if I didn’t forget that I’ve had an iron in my shop for the last 20 years.   I guess I forgot about that “iron-on edge banding”. 

Still don’t want to iron clothes.  Thanks.



Now in theory,  it’s always preferable to have the cabinet in the shop when you go to make a set of doors for it. Unless of course, you have some CNC type of arrangement set up,  where you’re making them by the mile and sawing them off.  This is just one set of doors.  But still,  I likely could have taken the stupid cabinet down off the wall,  and saved myself a little back and forth.   Or, up and down.

I suppose the exercise never hurts.


I managed to wrap things up by lunch time,  which was a very good thing, since I was starting to get a little faint. 


They don’t line up as well as I would like,  but like I said,  I should have taken the cabinet off the wall.   I discovered that the one on the right wasn’t actually all that plumb, (*blush*) so I fine tuned it a little.  The thing is, it’s loaded with stuff,  and I just wasn’t willing to take it all out. 

Hunger can do that.


The next major issue will be the installation of our new washing machine.  It could be simply a matter of taking the old one away and plugging in the new one,  but I have this idea in my pea brain that I want to fine tune the whole arrangement.  I’m gonna do it too,  dammit!  The first set up is slightly half-assed,  and was never quite what I wanted.   Plus, over the years, the “kids” have seen fit to use the laundry tub (who uses one of those anymore?) to clean paint brushes,  and it’s kinda gross.  No pictures.

It’s not like I’m taking our clothes down to the lake and pounding them on a rock or anything. The “old” washing machine is still working, but we’ve had its replacement for a few months now because there’s a bearing in there that’s lived its life. 

It was a short one too. 

I can’t say I’m impressed with Whirlpool.  Definitely some sort of “planned obsolescence” going on there.  Bastards.

Seems to me we bought the pair of those machines in 2003, (washer and gas dryer) and Daughter Number Two told us a couple years ago already ( I think ) that it was starting to make a funny noise.  Paid some money to have it looked at,  with the diagnosis being that it wasn’t worth making it right. 


So we bought a replacement.  Of course, being as I have this certain way of looking at things, I’d like to get as much life out of the old one as possible.  The rattling sound it makes doesn’t seem to be getting any worse,  but I know that I need to face up to it, and simply take it away and give it the heave.


Anyhoodle,  I’m still waiting for this big bad cold front to rumble through.  Still pretty sticky out there with the humidity this morning at something like 98%.  Can’t get too much higher than that.

Need to air out the shop.


Brain empty.  Gotta go.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. I am definitely one of those leave well enough alone kind of guys.

  2. Our first washer and drier lasted over 20 years, the second set with flashing lights and "modern" look, 5 years. The dealer who replaced them said five years is about right nowadays.

  3. I see now that you're the type of guy that if we locked you in an empty room, in no time you'd come up with enough projects to keep you working nights and weekends! :cP

  4. Thanks for not explaining “Bake to Hork” - I've lived this long without knowing what it means so I imagine I can go a bit longer.

    Nice fix on the cabinet and good luck with the washer. Hope it doesn't leak.

  5. Always the caretaker - always a project. I like that.

  6. I thought the cabinet looked just fine before you started but it does look mighty good when you finished. On to the next project. Quick before you have time to think of another one that might have to be done first.

  7. New technology these days, gotta replace them every soften to keep the economy going.
    Good job on the cupboard doors.


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