Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How is that fair?

This whole “blog-o-sphere” thing is a bit of a strange critter.  When folks whom you don’t know from a hole in the wall comment on your blog from time to time,  you start to get to *know* them.  Sort of.

It’s hard to explain. 

We banter back and forth?  We give advise/information?  But we never meet.

Anyway,  that’s why when I read that a certain fellow’s wife had died suddenly, it was something that made me stop and think and well,  feel a little sad.  I mean, there are others who have commented who have actually met these fine folks,  and I’m only out here in the periphery.

I’m mostly “on the periphery” I find.


There’s no getting around the inevitable, but in theory you’d like to get a little older,  maybe get to the point where there might be some sort of assisted living involved?  Not that that’s for everyone,  mind you.  

But to just slump over in your chair without much of a warning?   That ain’t fair.

Let’s drop it.


Meanwhile,  back here at the ranch (it ain’t really a “ranch”, trust me)  we are indeed getting our heat wave. 

You can slag off the weather man all you like,  but they got it right today.  That’s what?  One day out of how many?  We won’t go there either.

So that meant I figured I had better get that one last outside *thing* over with yesterday.  The front window was still missing its trim. *blush*


You have to understand,  I’ve had the trim milled and finished for *ahem*,  a few days now?  I just haven’t been overly motivated.

First of all,  any work on that window involves balancing on a board straddling two ladders.  So THAT’S sure motivational!   And then there’s the up and down.

I was actually a little lame this morning….

So whenever you think my blog entries are a bit “lame”?   Huh?  Huh?   Wakka wakka.


OK, never mind.


The thing too is,  it’s the biggest window I (we, really) have installed, so the trim pieces are of extra generous proportions. 

Oh goodie.





Just means being a bit resourceful. I guess that’s the word. Note how it’s suspended over the drill press?

See,  after I get all the pieces sized to fit,  I like to put them together and hang the whole thing at once.  Then you know your mitred corners are going to still be mitres when you install them.   Simple, really. 

Well,  mostly.


But, let’s cut to the chase.  We’re done!


Well,   with this house,  as with most any house,  we’re never really “done”,  but getting that trimmed out was a good thing.  If I ever do get “done”,  I’ll probably have to start at the beginning again. 

*news flash*.   That’s not gonna happen.


So,  since it’s been mostly an indoor day,  we’re back to throwing a couple bananas in the mixer.



Somebody has been missing her “breakfast” these last few days,  so I had to get it together.

Thrilling stuff,  huh?




Hope your tickers keep on ticking.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Life's not always fair, Bob, it just shows how important it is for us to try and live as good and happy a life as we can while we are able to.

    No sense complaining about the odd aches and pains because it means we're lucky to still be around.

  2. I've been here in "blogland" not quite 2 years... I think 3 folks whose blog I read have passed on (I have no idea what the "average" age of the writers of the blogs I read is, but I don't think any are exactly spring chickens)... and I never had met any of them. But I looked forward to hearing about their lives and was glad someone had thought to post about their passing. Your window looks very nice... we just plunked down a few (!) bills to have 10 windows replaced (by Lowe's) in that rental house we have here. Hope they do as good a job as you did

  3. That banana bread got my attention. Nice.

  4. Yet another reminder that life is short, so we need to make the most of what is left to us.

  5. Life is too short to be installing window trim... ;c)

  6. Like the others have been saying, life isn't always fair so get out and enjoy the life as much as you can because we only have one life to live.

    I think you did a great job on that window and I bet it feels good knowing that you have the windows all done. Now grab a beer sit down and relax, you have earned it!


  7. Bob, you were the first person to read my blog every day.... At 2 AM or something... And it was quite a while before I figured out that you were over in Austria and it was really 9 AM or some such number.... LOL... But then you talked about living in a part of the world that I have never been... I was hooked.... So I hope you are a close friend and maybe someday we will meet... And thankyou for your concern about the loss of Loyce... That will be a tough one here.. but I don't get a choice in the matter.... Just be sure and hug TC for me... Rod

  8. Life us not fair sometimes but we do the best we can.
    Nice job on the window. Now bike down to the pub today and relax with a cool one, or two.


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