Saturday, September 14, 2013

A head wind both ways.

Should have known,  but I naively thought I’d at least have a tail wind on the way home last night.  Didn’t happen.

This was one of the misunderstandings about cycling in the Netherlands.  Folks would figure that,  since it’s so flat,  cycling is easy.  Well,  cycling is easy because of the infrastructure,  but the country is flat, which means the wind is almost always blowing.  Why do you think they went with the windmill program all those centuries ago?

Below is a fine example of our *wonderful* bike infrastructure here in Burlington:


I just shake my head.

That “waste of perfectly good white paint” that you see on the roadway there,  is supposed to be a “bike lane”.  Of course, there’s no physical barrier between the bikes and the cars, so one idiot texting, and you’re toast. 

No helmet is going to keep you out of the hospital.  Or the morgue.



This wheelie bin was out in front of “Roseland Bowl”.   Now, since I don’t consider five pin bowling to be actual bowling,  I can see why they’re too dim to know what a bike lane is supposed to do.  Not that it matters.

“Stupid is,  as Stupid does.” 

People actually go there?  Must be some kind of front.


I briefly went out yesterday morning in my shorts,  but that didn’t last long.  There’s some kind of a pun there, but let’s not get side tracked.


So, on the brighter end of things,  my jeans still fit.

Well, sort of. 

Put it this way, they’re not going to be falling off my ass anytime soon.  I did switch up to the ones with the stretchy waist band for the bike ride to the pub.  You know, just for the extra roominess. 


It’s more of a “BB” challenge.  The two Bs being,  biking and beer.  Not enough of one, and perhaps just a wee too much of the latter?  Has to be, since I’m not scarfing down huge meals three times a day,  but let’s not get all “true confessions” here or anything. 

I can see your eyes starting to glaze over.

It was pretty cool in the abode last night,  although I certainly wasn’t aware of it after coming in off the bike.  A little exercise will do that.   Too early to fire up the boiler though,  since the temps are going to climb up again to something closer to room temperature over the next day or so.  I’ll be trying to knock off a couple more outside projects before digging out the mittens.


Have a fine weekend.


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  1. There are bike lanes along some of the major streets here in Farmington (NM)... I seldom see anyone biking there... wheelie bins aside, there's just too many crazy drivers (in autos) that would make me feel at risk.

  2. glad to see you still have your wonderful sense of humour :) We have bike lanes here also...which require a helmet law...I'm not fond of the helmet -tends to mess my hair up...we do bike in Fl...

  3. I think there must be a room in Hell that has a bowling alley!

    The last thing you need riding home on a bike from the pub is an obstacle course.

  4. On the bight side, the biking does away with the beer calories.

  5. I really enjoyed the biking in the Netherlands during the 7 years I lived there. Have not seen the equal anywhere.

  6. No many places that I like to bike anymore other some trails if we can find them. Or the desert in arizona is great for that too.


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