Sunday, September 22, 2013

Well, that was a fun afternoon.


But first, here’s some fluff:

I couldn’t quite understand why Travelling Companion was so willing to give some of our bedding away to Daughter Number Two.  I mean not that I care, it’s just that I thought the cupboard would end up being a little bare.  Can’t just keep putting the same sets back on week after week because I mean, that’ll never do…


Little did I know.

See,  they got the “old” stuff,  because she wanted to break out a new set. 

I’m pretty sure I did all the unpacking too.  Where did this come from? 


I honestly don’t remember when she bought this set,  but I do know it was in Vienna, or somewhere over there.  The price was in Euros and the directions are below.




Did you get all those instructions?  Doesn’t even matter whether or not T.C. can read it or not.  Not part of her deal.  I’ve been doing laundry around these here parts for neigh on 30 years,  so it’s just as well I can read the German.  Glad I got that degree.

Far be it from me to get all that excited about bedding, but let’s just say, once you go with the “good stuff”, you’ll be hard pressed to go back.  That’s all.  You can keep your hundred thread count, cheap-assed cotton with the little lumps. 


Anyway, about yesterday…..


Well, it turned out all fine and dandy.  But it was one of those times when there’s at least a moment or two when I came close to committing some sort of “computer crime”.  I don’t mean the kind where the RCMP show up at the door either. 

No, I’m talking about putting my fist through the screen.


Computer rage


Or worse.


But hey, it’s always best if cooler heads prevail.


As you may be aware,  we had an entire day of rain yesterday.  It becomes a challenge to get in and out of the house without making a huge mess,  so the choice is to simply stay in.

Well,  Travelling Companion did have an appointment with her doc in the morning, so we had to brave the elements.  We have plenty of umbrellas. 

She’s having something done about her knees.  But I’ve been reminded on more than one occasion, “Don’t be talking about me in your blog!”, so that’s all I can say about that.  I’ll maybe briefly touch on it in a few weeks.  Treading lightly here.

Anyway,  it rained and rained.   Could have used it back in July,  but that’s the way she goes.

So here’s my little tale of woe.  Well as I said,  it turned out OK,  and judging by the fact that I’m using the computer,  that’s kind of self evident.

See,  I was looking for a particular media file,  when the P2P program that I was using came up and said, “Hey, there’s an updated version, here you go…”   Or something like that.   And “P2P”  stands for “Peer to Peer”.   You’re welcome to read up on it here if you need to.

And you’re probably thinking, “Oh that looks dangerous!”, and I suppose it could be,  but unless you’re running decent anti-virus software, you’re open to most anything,  even if you only click on the local Church website.  There be bugs out there!   So the idea of “safe surfing”,  is overrated.

I’ve used this particular program for a few years now,  and there have been a couple updates,  so I thought nothing of downloading the latest/newest version.

Big mistake.

Well,  there was no way of knowing that I was getting a little “will not” right along with the program. 

I’m not sure if you’re familiar with a “will not”,  but it’s a turd hanging off yer ass, that refused so go the way of its buddies.  Hence,  a “will not”.

I think the preferred computer jargon is something like “malware”?   That sounds more appropriate.

I noticed right away that I had another icon in my tool bar thingy down at the bottom of the screen,  and I certainly didn’t put it there.

Then when I went to open Chrome (web browser,  for those who don’t use it),  that’s when the fun began.

See, this little gem is called,  “Search Protect”,  which is a huge misnomer,  since it hijacks your browser and tries to send you to another site.   Well,  I was having none of that.


The thing is,  trying to remove the program wasn’t working.  Tried it,  and the computer froze. 


So, we punted out Chrome,  since it was attaching itself to Chrome,  which then took me to the web site of the Mother Ship,  who wanted to know why oh why I was getting rid of Chrome.  Like they care. 

But still,  the “will-not” wasn’t going anywhere.  

Fortunately for me,  I still have good old IE as a back-up,  and as is the case with most of these little dilemmas,   the answer is out there on the net. 

Turns out if it’s “running”,  which is what it’s always doing,  there’s no getting rid of the little bugger,  which is what brings us to the next screenshot.



system config

Anyway,  long story short (well,  shorter) you have to go in there and unclick that little bugger,  and THEN you can remove it.  Yessss!

Piss off, little bastard program!!


Took me a while,  and I lost count of the number of times I had to restart the computer,  but it’s all good.

We’re back to using Chrome,  and I was delighted to discover that the Mother Ship had nicely stored all my bookmarks/favourites or whatever you call them,  up there in their cloud.  Or big shiny computer farm. Or wherever.  Who knows?


Of course,  T.C. was completely unaware that I was in here trying not to pull out the rest of my hair,  which is probably just as well.  I prefer to suffer in silence.  I wasn’t about to give up though,  dammit! 


Meanwhile back here on earth,  it’s more of the same.  You know, “what shall I fix next?”  

I do have pictures, but really?   Once you’ve seen one window taken apart,  you’ve just about seen enough.


Enjoy the rest of you weekend.  Careful what you download.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. I hate it when I get malware. Luckily the virus program gets it most of the time. I can always call mt techie SIL if I get stuck:)

  2. I started reading aloud to Bill your Chrome problems... since I don't understand squat about any of it... he's shaking his head ... or maybe nodding... but I asked him if it's something I should be concerned... he's my crutch, helpmate, whatever... and he said I don't have this. Thank the good fortune for that!

  3. I must say, drooling over fine european bedding made your sad story just a bit less sad, I couldn't stop thinking about the bedding. My grandmother was always quite poor, but she always had fine cotton and down in her humble abode. Taught me well. No cheap sheets for me! glad that your computer woes worked out ok. Sounds scary.

  4. Got that pc fixed, frustrating but you got er done. More laundry and no talking about TC (much).

  5. viruses are the equivalent to a PC as 100 thread count sheets are to a high quality bed...

  6. I don't like to see computers and blood in the same paragraph. It's happened to me too often. But instead of punching the screen, sometimes I just want to slit my wrists. Remember the "BIG LIE": Computers will make your life easier...

    BTW, I intend to replace that exhaust pipe all the way to the muffler. It looks shabby but is sound, but why take the chance? Great minds think alike. ;c)

  7. Love the graphic - I think we have all felt that way at some point. Hope you cleaned all the blood off the screen and keyboard.

  8. I had to laugh when I read this “Don’t be talking about me in your blog!” as I get that message almost every day and now photos of dear wife are also a no-no!!

    Those search malware things can drive one to pull their hair out. They are tricky little monsters but glad to see you stuck with it and figured it out.

    A little bit of bleach on your keyboard should get all the blood off.

  9. Howdy Bob,
    That's why I stay with my old Dell XP, with Firefox... Still I get some 'bad stuff', every once in a while too, also.. When I do I DON'T KNOW HOW TO GET RID OF IT !!! NONE of my kids, who are ALL 'techies', will help me; so, until I have a visitor, who WILL, I just 'live with it'.....
    Don't shoot the pooter, as it will scare the cats !!!
    As for the fancy bedding, WHAT'S WRONG WITH FEEDSACK SHEETS??? Good enuff for granma, good enuff for us...

  10. There is nothing like a good quality in bed sheets and covers. A must for the summer time. But in winter - a no, no.
    The graphic is exactly how P. feels a LOT of the time while working on his ancient Toshiba. LOL. I will tell him to take a good look at it. Good that you got rid of the nasty bug. Knock on wood, has been a while for us...

  11. Love the graphic. Just found out that I now have 3 sets of queen sheets for the Rv all over 800 count. One set too many, I forgot I had already purchased a new set last spring. Well now I have an extra set for down thread about 5 years. They last forever even using Mexican laundries


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