Thursday, September 19, 2013

OK so, I don’t get out much.

It’s been pointed out to me by two different folks that Home Depot does in fact carry smaller sheets of drywall.  Small enough to fit in the trunk of the car.  Oh goodie.  No, not being sarcastic.

Thanks to Bonnie and Rick.  They don’t know each other, but they both had the same suggestion.  It’s a crazy thing, this being on the line.

I guess I’ll head over there after supper.

In my defence, (and you knew there would be one) I haven’t had cause to go up and down each and every aisle of Home Despot since coming home from Austria.  Any time I’ve needed something, I tend to go in, get what the hell I need, and get out.  It’s some sort of “commando” style of shopping that carries over to the way I also shop for groceries.

If it doesn’t fit in the basket that I picked up at the entranceway, then I’ve bought too much.  Sometimes there’s not even a basket. That way, I have to soldier right past all those irresistible deals.

And don’t misinterpret what I mean by “commando” either.  Underwear is highly recommended.  Preferably clean,  but now we’re getting off topic.


It seems I spent most of the day waiting for finish to dry.  That’s all I remember.



I did do a little “out and about” in the car.  You know, pick up dry cleaning, drop off some metal bits at Thompson Metals (those pot lights I took out) and drop off the box of used Tassimo discs at the UPS store. 

There’s a place that recycles them,  and all I need do is print out a shipping label and take the box to a local UPS store.  Kinda neat, really.  We were putting them in the recycling to go out to the curb,  but I called the region to enquire about that,  and it turns out they just pick them out again and give them the heave, so at least Terracycle has come up with a use for them.  Much better plan.


The other day I decided that it was about time to replace a sanding belt that I’ve been using for neigh on a decade (maybe more).  I knew for a fact that there was no such critter at Home Depot (trying to do a segue but it’s not working) but we have a place here in town that does “Industrial Supply”.   The company is called S.B. Simpson, and although I couldn’t exactly find the belt on their website, when I called up,  the fellow whom I spoke to knew what I needed.  Seems that 6” x 48” is a common size. 

I just so love it when first of all,  they know what you’re talking about and then,  they do have what you’re looking for.  No mysteries.  Not when it comes to tools,  thanks.



So in another decade or so,  I just have to remember where I got the darned thing,  and hope that they’re still in business.  It was only six bucks!  I figured it would be way more,  but then again,  I don’t get out much.


Hope you had a fine day. 


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. You should have bought a spare belt. It would have been easier on the memory... :cD

    1. Thought of that, but where the heck to I keep it for another decade?

  2. Okay, the segue was good, just not as good as the "lady in the big dress" one. I do think we need to bestow a title on you...Segue King or some such!

  3. Yep you don't get out much but think you are too busy at home to do that.
    Keep on sanding and wear this one out before you forget where to buy it.

  4. I wouldn't have known that, either. Austria must have been a great place to visit. You have a very nice blog.

  5. I wouldn't have known that, either. Austria must have been a great place to visit. You have a very nice blog.


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