Thursday, January 3, 2013

Will there be things we’ll miss?

Most definitely.


Awesome sunrises for one thing.  I do realise the sun comes up back home, but I’d have to hustle down to the lake to take in the sunrise I’m afraid.  Forget sunsets.

But this isn’t going to be a photo essay or anything close.  I mentioned that I was going to spill a bean or two,  so I guess I had better come up with something.

It was in March of 2008 when Travelling Companion came over to Europe to have a look around,  and we moved to the Netherlands in August of that year.  We were back and forth a couple times, both together and then separately (I wasn’t about to hang out in a hotel for several weeks waiting to see if we “got the house” or not)  so it’s been well over four years that we’ve been hanging around in Europe. 

Well, now it’s time to go home.*  


Last January,  T.C. told her boss that she wanted to retire. First he just about fell off his chair, but then asked if she’d “reconsider”.   Most times when you say you want to retire, you get the bum’s rush,  but that didn’t happen.  They wanted her to say long enough for them to find a replacement.   The replacement started in November,  and in the meanwhile job offers would trickle in,  but T.C. wasn’t about to bite.  No, she wants to be done.   Then a very smart person in the head office of The Company That Cannot be Named realised that,  if she stays outside of Canada for much longer,  her C.P.P. will be affected.   That would not be good.  So we have to get sent back.   Oh darn.  They still want her to work for a while,  but she’s eyeing July 2013 as the time for her swan song.   That’s why she’s been buying material in the four corners of Europe.  Now that piece of the puzzle makes sense.


That’s as many beans as I’m willing to spill at the moment.  Still waiting to hear when the movers will show up.  The word is that the contact person in the very smart relocation company (in TEXAS) is on vacation.  Don’t ask.   This is the same bunch of yobs who moved T.C.’s replacement.  They hired a moving company in France,  who hired a moving company in Germany,  who then hired a moving company in Poland.  So needless to say,  the driver of the truck was not there at 8:00 a.m. on moving day.   You just never know.  I actually think there was another moving company in there somewhere,  but then you’d think I was making it up.  I’m not.  No idea where they were moving from in France,  but the moving companies in Poland must be desperate if they’re willing to send a truck that far.

When we moved down from the Netherlands for example,  the truck and driver were from Slovakia.  At least it’s only an hour away from Vienna.  But Poland?? 


Not quite done with the jet lag,  and somebody woke up in the middle of the night and needed the TV on in order to go back to sleep.  I was then up until about five minutes before having to put on the coffee.  Vicious circle.

This is almost getting to be point form.  I’m sure you understand.


Over and out.


Thanks for looking.



*And no, I don’t feel like any particular Count.  Corsets don’t work for me.  It’s an obscure reference,  but somebody out there will get it.


  1. How fun that you "have" to come home again. There comes a point in time when you have to say enough of work. Jim had the same problem when he wanted to retire. They kept talking him into staying until finally I told him it was either retire or I was leaving town without him. He retired. Do you know, I have never seen the Rocky Horror Show>

  2. I really don't like when companies make someone feel guilty for wanting to retire. When I decided to retire from teaching, they did the same thing. They acted like I couldn't be replaced. Really?

    TC needs to do what makes her happy, and the company can just move on. It is nice to know she is wanted, but she needs to be happy.

  3. So that guy was wrong-you can go home again:) Personally, I am a big fan of retirement:)

  4. Hmm, as you saw on FaceBook, my daughter DID the Rocky Horror Show, but I hadn't seen the movie until later. OK. sideline here. a local friend went to a showing the other night in K Falls and said, "I couldn't believe it, people were throwing things and stuff". so. Home again, home again. Yippee!! They did the same thing to me at retirement, which is why I am working part time, on my own schedule, at home, for half the pay and none of the headache. Is TC a quilter, or a sewer? or both? and omigosh....must be amazing fabrics over there...scuse me...textiles.

  5. theres nothing more fun than retirement...all the best to you both to be out of there by July 2013!!


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