Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oh my Gawd! Stay out of Florida!

HALLANDALE BEACH, Fla. - Police in Florida say they are investigating the deaths of a Toronto couple found inside a townhouse as a double homicide.

David Pichosky, 71, and Rochelle Wise, 66, were found dead Thursday evening inside their townhouse in Hallandale Beach, Fla.

Bialik* Hebrew Day School says Wise used to teach there and is the former director of Crestwood Valley Day Camp in Toronto.

Sonia Shron, Bialik's executive director, says the news has hit the school community very hard.

Police say the couple spends their winters in Hallandale Beach.

Capt. Sonia Quinones (keen-YO-ness) of the Hallandale Beach Police Department says a neighbour (hey wait,  shouldn’t that be “neighbor?)  found the couple after they didn't show up for a planned lunch.

The neighbour (huh?) used a spare key to check on the couple and found their bodies after 6 p.m. on Thursday.

Quinones says the cause of death and motive are still under investigation.

You can find the original article here. 

Lock up your old people! 


I like the way they have to spell out “QuiƱones”,  even though they forget to put the n tilde on the n.   Which of course,  speaks volumes about this kind of reporting in general.   So what is it?  Florida?  Mexico?   Where be all the killin’?     Toronto, maybe?   The Eaton Centre?


Have you figured out yet that I’m working on a bit of a mocking tone here?  Hey,  people get snuffed now and again.  It can happen most anywhere.   Is this going to prompt a “travel warning”?   Just asking. 

I mean,  it’s sad.  This couple belonged to somebody,  and I don’t mean to make light of their deaths.  Hopefully they didn’t suffer. Condolences to the family.

I’m just not sure how any of these types of things are newsworthy.



In other news,  my left foot hurts,  ‘cause I think I got like,  a corn or something.  That’s newsworthy too,  innit?    No really,  my foot really hurts.  It sucks.

You may mock at will.  Those of you who perhaps don’t have sore feet.  But your time will come.  Just you wait.


I realise I don’t usually have too much to say on the weekends, but I couldn’t leave that one alone.  Of course, it turns out,  I still don’t have much to say. 

Something to be said for tradition.


I said I wasn’t about to report on dinner,  but I will submit the following:





The clear liquid in the tiny glasses is something called “Grappa”.   Travelling Companion thought it tasted like Slivovitz and I thought it had a bit of a brandy thing going on.   I only raised one eyebrow when she offered the Slivovitz comparison.  Not sure what goes on in those “business meetings”. 


We’re not big drinkers.  I mean ya,  I go on about beer prices and such,  but having hard liquor isn’t something we do very often at all.  We have Crown Royal in our cabinet at home from a decade ago.  Unless the kids have been nipping.  We may have to do a little inventory.

So we were a little perplexed when Phaty (one of the owners of the Cafe, and I have no idea if I spelled his name right or not) wanted to offer us something at the end of our meal,  “for the New Year”.   At first we refused,  but then quickly realised, that would be just plum rude.  So Grappa it was.  An ounce or so was plenty.  Trust me.

Kind of happy that Happy New Year only comes once a year,  to be honest.


Sure hope you’re enjoying your weekend.


Thanks for looking in.




*any relation to Mayim?


  1. Nah, we ain't touched the booze, however during the Xmas festivities I tried to find something to put in the Lil' Ma'am's coffee and 5 out of six bottles I tried had the corks breaking it the bottle or were turned into a solid as opposed to a liquid.
    I'm thinking some has gone past its due date.

    1. We may have to do some 'sorting out' whenever we get there. Some of that stuff is flammable, right? Any ideas?

  2. Your blog today hit on a subject that we often hear from "well meaning" friends. Aren't we afraid to travel to .... Mexico, Europe, ... you name it? Bill quietly reminds them of poor old what's his name that got hit by a car while crossing his own street and those other close-to-home incidents. It's unfortunate that this couple got offed while on vacation, but it could happen anywhere. Most of thefolks who get on our case never travel. I guess it's good to have someone worry about us.

    1. Yup, we have our share of "nut jobs" right in our own neighbourhood. You just never know.

  3. So after that drink, does your foot still hurt???

  4. You stole my blog idea......beware of where you travel, you could be murdered. Don't come to Mexico, don't go to the US nor Canada.
    Glad you had the grappa, best to not offend.

  5. Thats good you accepted the shot, but grappa is not one of my favourites.
    As we rv'ers know you can be murdered anywhere, maybe lock our selves in a cocoon? Not...

  6. Finally decided to try a new foot doctor for my feet. Going on could come along if you want...

  7. AND - Florida has FLEAS en masse!
    As Daryl writes in today's blog input. (

    I have heard that from other Florida residents too. Lots of sand-fleas and ticks. Ugh!


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