Monday, January 7, 2013

Bit of a crappy weekend.

Not for us, we’re fine.  Really.  I’m referring to the weather.  Gah!

Not sure I can convey this without using a harsh word or two, but it’s been raining pretty well steadily since Friday afternoon.   This morning the temperature dropped and it changed to snow.  That four letter word.  But it didn’t last long.  Now it’s just dark and dreary,  in that Northern, crawl back into bed sort of way. 

I tend to think I prefer it when it’s below freezing when something wet is coming out of the sky.  I underestimated the rain on Saturday morning and got kinda soaked.  Well,  not me,  but I had to hang my coat up in the shower when I got back.  I’d wear my waterproof yellow rain jacket,  but after seeing that homeless guy wearing the exact same thing a couple years back,  I’ve been somewhat hesitant. 

I know, I know,  it’s not a fashion show,  but a fellow has to have some sort of standards,  even though I usually have to wear a cap or toque so as not to look like one of the The Katzenjammer Kids.

Remember these guys? 

The Katzenjammer kids

I don’t even know why we think of the Katzenjammer Kids,  since they were way before our time, (no really!) but I guess they’re just part of our family vocabulary.  Beats me.

This is one of the reasons I keep my hair really short by the way.  Has nothing to do with liking it like that,  and more to do with not getting the shock of my life when I look in the mirror.  Other than the normal morning thrill,  that is.   Let’s not go there.


I did get one little job out of the way on Sunday,  and that was to venture out and get yet another Vignette for the car windshield.  Do I need to go over this?   We have a “pay as you play” system here in Wienerland,  and in order to drive on the four lane highways,  you need this little sticker on your windshield.  Probably best to read this article here, wherein Austria is listed right at the top.  So no effort on your part.  Wouldn’t want to make it too difficult.



So for a mere €80, we have the privilege of driving on the Autobahn for the rest of 2013.  Actually, we won’t be doing that much more driving in Austria in 2013,  but it would be kind of cheesy on my part to only get one for a month.  That would be stupid.  It’s a company car,  and the Vignette is paid for by the company.  Me no pay.  Me like.


Tried to get a photo of it on the windshield, but that didn’t really fly.   Oh well.

I like to stick it up in behind the mirror,  so that it’s not one more thing to bug me on the windshield.  Wait, is that a pun? Never mind.


Of course,  it was raining like crazy,  but with the exception of getting to the parking garage I wasn’t really out in it much.  Besides,  there’s not a whole heck of a lot going on out on the main drag on a Sunday. 





Did I ever show you this other little sticker that appeared after we had the snows put on by the BMW dealership?


Um ya, they’re reminding me that I shouldn’t exceed 210 k.p.h. with the snow tires on. You kidding me?  Feel free to talk amongst yourselves on that one. 


With all the rain that we had,  Travelling Companion very astutely suggested that I should venture down to the dungeon er, basement,  and see if we had any wetness. 


Whoops.  Just a little.  Yet another reason to get outta Dodge.  Getting tired of this kind of sh*t.  The very smart people who run this joint had some other very smart people in to “fix” this situation so that it would never happen again.  Good job there boys!

I realise they probably spent a fair amount of money,  and hey,  maybe the drainage arrangement has been working better than before,  but I expect dryness.  We’re more of less on high ground here,  so it’s mostly a matter of keeping the drains clear.  I’ve never seen or heard anyone down there getting them sorted out.  I know I yanked some cr*p out of the drain once,  but hey,  we pays our rent.  Not my deal man.

I sorted out our drainage issues back home with a small digger,  70 feet of weeping tile,  and about five yards of gravel.  OK, there were a few wheelbarrows and a handful of volunteers involved too,  just so you know.

“New and Shiny” is over there to the left with its sister,  along with the two less than fabulous bikes we shipped over from Canada.  They’ll be going home soon.

Speaking of which,  we’re hoping that there will be some word this week (today? maybe?) on when we can expect the movers.   Gotta have patience with these things.   When you get those smart people involved, well let me tell ya!  (insert sarcastic font,  thanks)


I need to start my countdown.  It’s just gnawing at me.  Such first world problems.


I suppose that’s about it for today’s excitement.  Could be it for most of the week too, I fear.


Keep it between the ditches,  and thanks for looking in.





  1. After a couple of hours of rain it's just downright depressing. I can feel the excitement building for the countdown.

  2. Well the weather is what is is, and we can just hope it gets better. Try and keep dry.

  3. I really feel for you with that rain. Had enough of it in England this summer and I know how you feel. Hope it improves soon! We'll think of you as we sit on the balcony and enjoy our sunshine.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. ...well at least things are happening, although slowly. Maybe the snow will be gone by the time you get back to Canada.

  5. Katzenjammer kids..... been a while since I thought about that comic. Trust Bob to bring up something from long ago.... 210 Km, when was the last time you went that faast?? Even with the autobaun I doubt that would be a problem for me...

  6. When we lived in the Netherlands (close to the German border btw) there were a few times on the Autobahn that I cranked the A6 up to 220, but it sure wasn't in the winter. There seemed like there was lots to spare too, 'cept that 220 was quite fast enough for me.

  7. We spoke too soon. It did stop raining yesterday, just so it could start up again today. It is cloudy and yucky right now. Going to rain some more tomorrow.
    Where is the sun any ways?


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