Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Making his list. Checking it twice.

No,  not that guy.  I’m referring to the Moving Dude.

Not sure if he checked it twice though.

We did our little walk through.  He was quite surprised when I told him I’d be disassembling the tables and beds,  but when I explained how there would be some storage issues when our shipment finally makes it back home,  he began to understand.  I didn’t do that whole,  “cause I don’t trust you idiots”  thing.  I didn’t think that would be prudent.  They think of themselves as the very best

Hate to burst your bubble there, Moving Dude.

So at some point over the next day or so I should be hearing back from one of his associates,  but the bottom line is that there will be movers here next Wednesday.  Moving Dude seemed to think they’d need two days.  I have no opinion.   We’ve always been out by mid afternoon in all of our moving experiences,  but again,  he says they want to pack everything up properly.   Hey,  whatever it takes I suppose.

He explained to me how normally there’s a certain amount of back and forth with quotes and such nonsense,  but at this stage of the game,  the very smart people over there in Texas are pretty much backed into a corner. 

I did go over to the notice board we have in the kitchen and point out the print out showing the tickets we’ve booked for the Friday morning at 10:20. 

So,  come hell or high water,  we’re leaving here at the end of next week.




Yesterday’s title was a little bit ahead of its time,  since I really should have been referring to this activity….


The tube on the left was left over from our move from the Netherlands.  It’s basically drywall mud in a tube.   Even though I had a few things on the walls,  when we left the Real Estate lady said,  “It’s as if you were never here!”  

Ya see,  that’s the idea.

Unfortunately,  when I went to use it yesterday,  the contents had completely dried out,  so I had to take a little hike down the street to a quasi-hardware store out on Mariahilferstrasse.   The contents of the replacement tube isn’t as tidy whitey as the previous stuff,  but it’ll do.   So I’ll still be plugging away. 

Good times.

Meanwhile,  I decided to upend the couch,  and discovered that,  if you PUSH DOWN on the bottom support,  it’s entirely possible for things (along with a few crumbs I might add)  to get hidden in the bottom.


Well now.


Not exactly an archaeological discovery or anything,  but I think this just might belong to Daughter Number Two.   This is the same girl who will take off her socks and leave them behind in the couch,  so it comes as no surprise.

It seems that one never knows what one might be carting overseas, yes?   

You want to bet your bippy that we checked everything pretty damned thoroughly when we moved back from Puerto Rico.  Plus, before we moved in to the house that we rented,  I negotiated with the homeowner to have the place completely furnished. He built that outlay into the monthly rental amount,  which the Company that Cannot be Named was happy to pay.   Considering how little they paid to move our meagre belongings,  they actually may have come out ahead on that deal, or at least pretty close.

So we had no furniture to move home from Puerto Rico, basically.  Besides, in terms of “bug tolerance”,  Puerto Rico was NOT the best place for Travelling Companion.   Within about a month of moving there,  we had already hired a “bug man”.  He came every month.  Used the good stuff.   So, we had no bugs in the house.  Well, except for a couple dead cucarachas that made it as far as the patio before expiring. 

We had to be a little careful  when it came to mosquitoes though.  Look up Dengue fever.  Scroll down to “transmission”.  You’d be careful too.


Well,  pitter patter,  better get at ‘er.

Keep those sticks on the ice.



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  1. Moving day is sneaking up on you now, times a flying!

  2. Watch? Rings? Hasn't someone mentioned missing a few things? When I was a kid, one of my chores was to clean the living room... which included vacuuming the couch. The enticement was that I was allowed to keep anything I found.

  3. Re mining for gold in furniture, our #2 son was charged with taking my erstwhile favourite armchair to the dump. First he flipped it over, and was rewarded with something like $26 in change, which more than paid for the dump fees. .... Gunnar

    1. Twenty-six bucks?? Holy Crap. That's like...a round at the pub.
      Maybe I'll be digging through your chair after you get up from now on. Hmmm.

  4. Very impressed with your diplomacy with the Moving Dude. Happy disassembling.

  5. Very shortly, and it will all be over... For better or worse, broken or in tact... And you won't even be able to back and yell at them...

    And we don't have any ice left here in Arizona so our sticks have been put up.... Best of luck moving, Rod


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