Friday, January 4, 2013

My kind of morning.

By which I mean, we slept in.   And that’s not to say I’d want to do that every day, since I do appreciate getting an “early” start,  whatever that means,  but it was a pleasant change just the same. 

When I opened my eyes I realised it was light outside,  which could only mean it sure as heck wasn’t six a.m.  No biggie. 

Plus, there was no hurry on Travelling Companion’s part, as she’s quite content to have her replacement get to the office first.  The replacement will be swimming in the deep end soon enough, so she may was well get used to the idea that the finance people are not only the first in,  last out,  but that right around this time of the year,  are there by themselves.  That was a bit of a shocker for the Newbie,  who was utterly dismayed at how little care was shown about the results from December,  which weren’t all that flippin’ hot apparently.  Oh well.   No skin off my blindingly white hind end.


Of course,  by getting a bit of a late start when it comes to the routine meant that there were shoppers out and about.  Gah. Usually best to be avoided I always find.  I realise it’s some sort of character flaw of mine, but I just don’t have the patience for the slow walkers,  gawkers,  or the ones who decide to come to a dead stop and turn abruptly.   Let’s not even talk about the texters and phone hangers-on,  and OH MY GAWD! the baby buggies!   But hey,  it’s a balmy 9°C out,  so not a bad day for a stroll. 

Well,  I don’t exactly “stroll”,  but you’ve probably figured that out.




It’s a little sad to see all the spent Christmas trees being put out for fuel.  I was reading in the rag yesterday that there are 504 spots throughout Vienna for tree disposal, and last year 135,000 were collected.   The MA48 (Magistrats Amt 48) takes them to the remote heating station out in Simmering and incinerates them.  I’m sure dry Christmas trees burn real good.

There’s an interactive map here, and if you load the “Christbaumsammelstelle” function,  you’ll see all the locations. 

Meh,  not that you care.  I just thought it was neat.  Oh, and if you’re somehow confused,  it’s the one with the little Christmas tree next to it?  Just saying.  Curiously enough though,  the map does NOT show the location where I took the picture.  It’s sort of close,  but maybe that’s all that counts.  I’m sure that most people who have trees,  know where to take them anyway.


By the way,  the MA48 is the branch of the government that sees to waste removal.  There are no private firms when it comes to that sort of thing.  Probably the reason why the city is reasonably clean.  Just a theory.  Hey,  Vienna is still considered the top city in the world,  and I don’t think it’s just the architecture.  Those links are to two different articles,  the second of which is quite lengthy,  but a good read just the same.   I see that the best of the Canadian cities was Vancouver at number nine.  Top US city was Dallas at 15.  Toronto was slightly worse at 16.  Way to go Toronto. 

The one other thing that was pointed out in the second article (the company is called “Mercer” if you care)  was that the ranking of the North American cities had changed very little.  I can only guess that’s due to the fact that our politicians have no foresight.  Considering some of the chimps they’ve elected in the city of Toronto,  it’s a wonder they’re even in the top twenty. 

Let’s not get off on a rant here.  Wouldn’t be prudent, but man oh man.

I should just point out to those of you whose comprehension skills may be less than ideal that,  we are NOT going to be here until July.  No siree Bub.   No no,  some time in the next several weeks will do quite nicely thank-you.  Just wanted to point that out.  You need to read the text.    Hey,  I try to keep it under a thousand words as it is,  so no skipping to the end.  Sheesh.


Speaking of which,  that’ll do for today.  It’s Friday,  so it’s change the sheets/wash day.  Big whoop.  Not sure how that’s going to change when we move home.  Probably won’t, but I’ll have to work it in with all the other “stuff” I have to do.   There’s “stuff”.  Trust me.


Have a fine weekend.


Thanks for hangin’ around.



  1. I have to point out that there are two different charts on the Mercer page.
    Don't judge me.

    Vienna is tied with Toronto as far as infrastructure is concerned, which to me is a crock of sh*t. Try getting to Toronto airport by any other means than a car. Can't be done.
    So much for the accuracy of these studies...

  2. You going home to cold old frosty Canada? News are they have a ball at -22 many places. Folks out here from Ontario are sitting by the fire and laughing - about their relatives back home. Nasty folks those, eh?

  3. Hi, saw you stopped by my mundane little blog. Thanks. I admit to being a little confused, but will read some of your older posts to "catch up". It is warming up to the 30's today!! Oh Yeah!!

  4. Kinda of a treat to sleep a bit later once or twice a year. But then your day gets behind.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. Austria--a different place to live. I clicked on "Join"; I need to see how travelling companion is leaving the world of finance.

    1. Well thanks for doing that clicking thing. Life in Austria has been a hoot, I'll say that much.


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