Friday, January 25, 2013

One week Baby!

Next week at this time we’ll be sitting in one of Air Austria’s finest.  Actually,  we’re going to try and shoot for an upgrade either tonight or on the weekend some time.  I mean, I can do it, really, back there in “steerage”.  When it comes right down to it though, I’d just as soon not.

I try to put myself into that semi-comatose state that works for me when it comes to sitting for eight hours in economy.  You know,  keep the liquids to a minimum so as to avoid having to use the facilities.  Maybe keep the earplugs and painkillers handy.  That kind of thing.  Oh, and of course,  best to keep pen, passport and flight number handy,  since we’ll be flying in to Canada after all.   Have to fill out that customs form.



Other than that kids,   I got nothing. 

Today is just more of the same.   Wandering around the apartment,  trying to sort out sh*t.   Well,  you know,  not *actual* excrement or anything.   I just mean all the flotsam.  Somehow I have this crazy urge to have it all organised.  Hopeless, I know.


I can’t quite imagine just how things would go without email and the internet.  So far today I’ve been back and forth a couple times with Relocation Lady about terminating our services and such,  and then I’ve booked us into a hotel down on Webgasse.   Even though we can walk there,  I may very well shove our suitcases in the car and drop them off.   We’ll still have the parking garage until the end of the month (at least)  and it’ll still be within walking distance.  

I’m just hopeful that the guy who says he’s interested in purchasing the washing machine doesn’t flake out.  He’s admitted that he’s has his “fingers in a few pies”,  (I think that’s what he said)  and is moving on the first of the month,  so that might explain why he failed to call last weekend to say he’d be stopping by for a look at the time.   We’ve since been in contact.  The jury is out.

This is one of the reasons why I’d just as soon give away any and all appliances that require 220 volt power,  as dealing with prospective buyers is mostly just a huge pain in the posterior.   As it is,  I’m working up a pretty good heap o cr*p that will get taken away either Wednesday some time or Thursday morning.   Travelling Companion is working on that one.  Seems some of the boys from the Company that Cannot be Named are willing to come by and cart off some stuff for charity.   Something like that.  Whatever.   It’s got to go!


No pictures of sunsets today I’m afraid.  Just life as I know it.



Have a fine weekend if I don’t check in,  and thanks for stopping by.




  1. Have a great weekend, Bob and have fun sorting the 'crap' out!..soon very soon you will be back in Canada!

  2. Enjoy your weekend too, enjoy your sorting of stuff.

  3. I'm not a big fan of economy seats, either, sitting back with the huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. I flew that way too often on my government travel sojourns.

    Good luck with an upgrade, that's a much better way to fly the friendly skies.

  4. Have a good weekend, having lived in a country other than Canada for a few years I know the excitement you
    are feeling, as you countdown.

  5. Ya re wiring your house back in Ca just to use a 220v devise after paying thru the nose to ship it home doesn't seem productive.... But it will all be over in the next few days..

    1. Not only that, but there's the hertz issue, and our 220 is two phase. Single phase 220 here. I would have shipped the washing machine home if I thought it would work, but not willing to experiment with that one.

  6. Might as well leave the continent in style......happy packing.

  7. I hate packing. But it's almost over for you and then you'll be winging your way west - it is west isn't it from there?

  8. So the company that cannot be named isn't going to pay the 1.class flight across the big water?
    I'd thought they would.

  9. Looking forward to welcoming you home.

  10. I am not sure there are any good seats on airplanes any more!


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