Monday, January 14, 2013

Quiet weekend.

Travelling Companion had the idea that she wanted to do a little fabric shopping,  with possibly one or two other stops along the way.

I think the last time we went into this fabric shop was a year ago,  right around the same time.  We keep meaning to get there at other times,  but there’s rarely the opportunity, or the desire. 





See,  it’s “Ball Season”, (no crude jokes, please) so sometimes there are some interesting things to be found for those who might wish to make their own formal wear.  Sounds crazy,  I know,  but somebody must be buying the stuff,  otherwise why would they make the effort?


I suppose the displays help with the visualisation.


The other thing too is,  we’re coming up on “Fasching”,  which is the Austria version of the craziness leading up to “Mardi Gras”.   It’s not just restricted to western Austria,  as that wiki article mentions.  Never take any wiki article as the whole truth by the way. 



Or, if you did happen to go to a fashion show and see something that you’d like to make for yourself well,  there you go.  Um, because we all go to fashion shows,  right?



Totally clever idea as far as I’m concerned,  but that wasn’t what we were there for.  T.C. was looking for something to match a particular style and colour of broach she had brought with her.  It didn’t take her long to find something, but I didn’t get a picture of her find, not that she would have even let me.


I did briefly get out into the fresh air on Sunday.  There’s rarely much going on.  It’s a good time for any of the shops to put up or take down decorations.





Taking down the Christmas lights any other time wouldn’t have been a concern,  but the lads trying to sort out the display for “McFit” picked a good day,  since the would have been hard pressed to use that sidewalk on Monday morning.

This is what we woke up to.



And you know, I *almost* don’t mind snow.  It’s just the idea of shovelling it?   Like someone suffering from some sort of childhood trauma,  I’ve almost been able to get past that sense of dread every time it snows.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to that point when I’ll look out at freshly fallen snow and say, “Oh,  how wonderful.”  

Some folks do.  I’m happy for them.  Really.



This was taken this morning out on the main drag.  It’s really the only way you’re going to clear the sidewalk without being hindered by the pedestrians.  Block it off.  Clear it.  Move your barriers.  Repeat. 

We’re supposed to get ten days of this.   It could make travelling to Slovenia for the weekend just a bit interesting.  Travelling Companion placed a call to the cousin last night to say we’re coming.

I’ll take my boots.

She had been waiting to hear from us,  as there had been some talk of taking one last trip,  so it wasn’t exactly a surprise or anything.


In conversation with Daughter Number Two yesterday,  it was mentioned that it was 13°C at the house.   Just watch, we’ll get two weeks of winter here,  and then it’ll follow us home.  I hope I’m dead wrong.

At this point I’m willing to take whatever comes along.

Not too much else going on here.  Just waiting for some word from the very smart people.  Fingers crossed. 


Sticks.  Ice.  You know.


Thanks for looking in.




  1. brr, that white stuff makes it look so cold.
    It really does look wonderful, "in your yard"

  2. Oh dear, I thought we were having cold weather here in the southern tip of Texas. You got us beat.

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  3. looks a tad cold on the other side of the pond? Happy shoveling!!

  4. I used to not be too fond of snow until I bought a snowblower. It worked great. Never snowed enough after that for me to use it. :c(

    Now I laugh at the snow because I've run south away from it.

  5. More snow on the roof patio.... But where do you shovel it too... Can't toss it over the side can you... What's underneath the safety fence...?

  6. Does TC do her own sewing.....impressive!
    Got an invite to a "formal masquerade ball" here in idea at all re a costume so we are out.


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