Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Slip knot or square not?

Both,  actually.

This is where all that Boy Scout knot tying comes in handy.  Well actually,  I was a Boy Scout for all of about a month,  and we moved and I didn’t join up again.  Might possibly have to do with sailing.  Maybe just “stuff” you ought to know?


I didn’t want to do this one until the penultimate day.  First of all,  it gives off enough light,  and there was that whole “putting it off”  thing.

It was easier to put up,  than take down.

Trust me.

Don’t try this at home.



I’ll let the pictures tell….


From this…






To this….



….and that’s how you ship a crystal chandelier.


There’s still gobs more on the list.


Pitter patter.


Oh and,  this…



….is what goes up in its place.

Swanky, huh?




Thanks for looking.




  1. I am kinda partial to the replacement light, basic, does the job and cheap.

  2. Hmmm...I think maybe a stuffed possum toy wrapped around that should do the trick ;-)

  3. There would be no way I would try to pack that crystal light. I can't believe you did that by yourself. How did you unscrew, it hold it, and then get that package around it?

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  4. very swanky indeed! you are setting a new decorating trend!

  5. You're taking this moving thing to new heights...or lows once you got the chandelier down.

    Certainly don't want a slip knot on it!

  6. I'm surprised they will let you leave it that way.... Over here that would be an electrical hazard... Especially since its 220v.

  7. glad its you doing the packing..hope we get to see a pic of that light after it arrives and is unpacked :)


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