Friday, January 11, 2013

Has it come down to this?

I do realise it has been suggested in the past,  that most any time I put finger tip to keyboard, the result does tend to devolve into some sort of “stream of consciousness” nonsense.

I didn’t realise I had slipped that far.  Maybe I need to do point form?  Are there too many subordinate clauses?  Wait, you do know what a subordinate clause is,  right?

I suppose I could just say, “try to keep up”,  and be done with it,  but I’ll try and settle down.  Maybe.


I’m a little behind my times today (I think that’s a quote from Dickens “A Christmas Story”, yes?)  and it’s not even Christmas morning.   It’s just been well,  I don’t even want to use the word ‘busy’,  but the time sure flew by.  It’s getting too that,  every time the phone rings, I’m as nervous as a cat.  

I was on the phone with someone from back across the pond,  which means it was afternoon for me,  and when the phone made that sick beeping noise it tends to do when someone else is calling, I thought maybe it was someone from a moving company. 

That,  right there by the way,  is an example of completely irrational “nervous as a cat” type of thinking,  since it’s Friday afternoon,  it’s Austria,  and buddy,  you’re not going to get a call from any business within 1000 kilometres.  It was Travelling Companion,  saying she was on her way home.  Silly me.

We’re thinking we’ll pop downstairs for a pint and a bite to eat later,  so she’s having a little rest,  while I bore you with my drivel.


No pictures today.  And I’d prefer to not conjure up any from recent events.  Doesn’t seem right somehow.  Besides,  that would take some effort.  It was the usual Friday with the various Friday chores,  along with a quick trip down to the basement to let in some workers to see to that leek I mentioned the other day,  and fetch a box and bring it up here to rummage through.  There are a few more mystery boxes down there.   I know the movers will want to repack everything,  and that’s fine with me,  since a couple of those boxes have seen better days.  It’s a harsh environment down there in the nether world.


OK fine,  here’s a picture of the wet spot.


Somehow that drainage pipe right there had had some sort of a fit and was leaking ever so slightly.  I’m hopeful it was rain water.  If not well,  let’s just stop right there,  shall we?


If I haven’t said so lately,  and I know I haven’t,  thanks to those of you who have chosen to click on the “follow” thingy.  I’m certainly not at any “swelled head”  levels,  and considering I thought it was pretty neat when I broke through the “10” barrier,  these days I’m happy as a clam. 

How do you tell if a clam is happy?  

There I go again.  Sorry.


I’m reasonably certain I won’t be reporting back on dinner.  I’m sure you don’t mind.

Have just a fine weekend,  even if for some of you, “Every day is Saturday”.   This is something my oldest brother has been spouting for quite a few years now. I think he just says it to bug me.  Seems to me he retired back in the 80s. 

No,  I’m not kidding.  

I still seem to think I’d prefer to know what day it is.


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for looking in.




  1. Egads...I have never seen the Followers on your blog till you just mentioned it.

    You took me way back asking about the subordinate clauses. I really had to dig deep to remember what they are. My teacher would interchange dependent with subordinate. Now if I could just get those relative pronoun straight.

  2. humm I sure hope its rain water'll soon be back across the pond...

  3. Always nice to get out for a pint and a bite once in a while. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Doesn't take much to make a clam happy....and now there really will be sticks on the ice once again.

  5. Your stream of consciousness conversation makes me a happy clam...oh...well...


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