Thursday, January 10, 2013

Waiting for Hugo.

Of course I’m referring to Hugo Chávez,  and if you have to ask who that is,  I think you need to move along.


How’s this for a hint?


I know it’s German,  just keep reading.  It’s not that tough.

I figured that in the extremely unlikely event that one of Austrian’s Finest should come along and ask why I was parked there,  I’d just explain how I was waiting for Hugo.  Just kidding really, I’m only a smart-ass here in print.

The thing is though,  since Travelling Companion’s appointment was for six pm.,  you’re pretty much under the radar when it comes to temporarily hanging out in one of these coveted embassy type parking spots.  They’re all over the city.  We even have one just up the street from us for the Republic of Iran.  I think it’s Iran.  One of those God forsaken places.  Doesn’t matter.  If you’re Iranian and reading this,  this is for you…

كنت بحاجة للذهاب بعيدا.

Don’t worry,  nobody will be coming to my door to carry out a Jihad or anything,  it just say’s “go away”.   Google Translate can be awesome.  I can’t read what the hell it says,  so I’m hoping it’s close.  Maybe it says something about someone’s Mother!  Eeps.  Well let’s hope not, that would suck.

Boy,  that would be a nasty trick on the part of Google,  now wouldn’t it?

Anyhoodle,  all the Embassies around that area (this is across from the Belvedere, by the way) tend to roll up the welcome mat around five at the latest,  even though the sign across the street from this one indicated they were using the spot until 10:00 p.m.   Ya, right.  Not a soul in sight.  Makes for handy parking while waiting outside the Doctor’s office.  Best not to leave the car unattended just the same.  I ain’t that dumb.


So are you beginning to wonder how I’ve managed to go off on this mad little mental escapade?

Well,  as I was sitting there listening to a radio station out of the Czech Republic,  (actually, I just found it on the net,  it was Český rozhlas 2, out of Prague,  in case you’re wondering or perhaps in case you’d like to listen in on the web), trying to figure out the weather forecast, (Czech is tough,  trust me!)  I had this thought that,  the likelihood of Hugo Chávez needing to get into the parking spot I was occupying was probably on par with anything ever happening on the “moving home” front.  That’s pretty extreme  I know,  but that’s how my mind works. 

It’s sad, I’ll accept that.

And considering that poor ole Hugo is a tad under the weather,  I don’t think coming to Vienna is high on his “to do” list.  And really, I think in his case, it would be more like a “bucket list”?   Among other things,  the Dude has a lung infection, and they’re still thinking of swearing him in as President? Not sure about that line of thinking.


But let’s get back to me here,  shall we?

Like I said, this is just an example of my whacky thought process.  Really.  It turns out things are looking up in the “going home” department.  Travelling Companion did get a phone call later in the evening from some very smart person from across the pond,  and things are being put into motion. 

I’m still not too excited.  When the movers call,  I’ll let ya know.

There was no explanation why her voice mail message was still dated January third,  or why her “back up person” also wasn’t available. And this was after T.C. had sent several notes, and then had started calling every day.  So what, there’s only the two of them?  OK then.

This person’s explanation was along the lines of “Oh, I’ve been working behind the scenes!”,  whatever that means,  which did make me chuckle a little.

I think a good analogy would be when you ask your eight year old to go “clean their room”,  only to go in there an hour later to find the kid sitting in the midst of the disaster,  and very quickly offering that they,  “have been cleaning,  really!”,  when you can clearly see that there’s no evidence of any activity whatsoever.  There’s no point in getting upset right then,  since they must be doing something, you’re just not sure what.


You know, there have been many, many things that have been absolutely fabulous when it comes to the “Ex-Pat Experience”.   We’ve been living in Vienna,  for heaven’s sake!   But ya know,  having these somewhat regular moments of utter amazement when dealing with the very smart people way over yonder?  I can’t say I’m going to miss that part.  Nope, not a bit.


I sat here in utter wonderment listening to T.C. being nice as pie with this very smart person on the phone.  I honestly don’t know how she does it.  Her patience and understanding have no bounds. 

She lives with me after all.


I took a few minutes this morning and posted our washing machine on Vienna,  so we’ll see if anyone is remotely interested in a slightly used washing machine.  Sure wish we could take it home.  Our fancy schmancy Whirlpool that I seem to think we bought some time in 2003 is on its last legs.   *grumble*

But I’m going to keep running that sucker until the bitter end.  I suspect the drum (it’s a front loader too)  will simply prolapse one fine day,  and that will be that.   Then fine, it’ll be off to Thompson Metals.   That’s what happened with the old top loader I pitched.  Did you know they strap a big freakin’ hunk of concrete in the bottom of those things?  Took that out and it was light as a feather.  Well, relatively speaking of course.   Much easier to get it up onto the back of a pick-up truck,  from which it then very unceremoniously got shoved off with all the other metal bits.  Oh ya,  I’ve been to Thompson Metals many times.

Even though we have 220 power at the house,  just like everyone else (hey, my table saw is 220)  and I could easily wire up something,  it’s a matter of phase and frequency.   I wouldn’t even want to attempt it,  so it has to go.

Oh,  and I just noticed on that Thompson Metals website,  they’re accepting “E-waste” like,  as in old computers and such?   Awesome! 


So there you go.  All is right in my little world.  I even found yet another place to get rid of some junk when we get home!    Can hardly wait.


The sun did briefly come out today,  so that was an added bonus.  Didn’t last long,  but every little bit helps.

At some point over the next few weeks there’s a plan afoot to make one last run down to Slovenia to visit the cousin.  Besides,  I’m coming up on the last of the Slovenian beer.    *gasp*   The horror!




Meh,  I think that’s it for today kids.  


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. I take it you parking spot worked out ok for you as i heard of no tow truck showing up at your bumper.

  2. Methinks you need a tad more sunshine. This post was more convoluted then usual or maybe I need a glass of vino first.

  3. As nearly as I can figure out you're now an Ambassdor from Venezuela parked so you can drink some beer.

  4. You need to get some more of that Lasko beer so you can toast Hugo as he kicks his bucket. ;c)

  5. Whew, thanks for saying that Contessa...I thought it was just me!! Pass the beer...


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