Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just plugging away.

There are some things that I’d prefer not to leave to the movers.  That usually means items that need to be disassembled.   And it’s mostly because Muggins here is the one who will need to reassemble these things whenever the shipment arrives at its destination.

I don’t remember exactly when it was,  but at one point maybe a few moves ago, a bright eyed, bushy tailed but perhaps not so bright packer-upper said to me, “Oh,  we’ll just put all the hardware in one box.”   *pfft* Right.

I very diplomatically shot down that idea in a hurry with,  “Soooo,  I won’t be able to put anything back together again until I find that one little box,  and then what happens if the box gets lost??”   “Then I’m really screwed.”

Which is why I prefer to, 1) Disassemble certain thing like beds,  say.   And, 2) Put the bloody hardware with the item to be reassembled.  It shouldn’t be a hard concept. 


Too late for any visitors at this point,  I’m afraid.  Sorry all.



I have to tell you a little story about this bed. 

See,  when Travelling Companion was first on her way to being punted up to the level of the “Top Team”,  as they call it in the Company that Cannot be Named,  we rented a cute little apartment in Horseheads,  New York.    It’s a real place,  trust me.  Look it up.

Anyhoodle,  rather than cart too many things down from Canada (there was no provisions for a “move” as it were)  we just bought a few things,  and eventually I did take along a few items in the back of my pick-up truck as the need arose. 

And you know,  the Border Dudes never looked under that tonneau cover once.  I could have had a couple illegals in there each trip.  I was going to Horseheads every two weeks.  Being a “Coyote” has never been something I’ve ever considered as a career choice however.  Plus there’s all that jail time.

But let’s not get too distracted.

So when the bed was delivered,  I put it together.

Then we were asked to move to Puerto Rico.  (We had to find that one on a map.  No clue.)  

So I took it apart.   When it arrived in Puerto Rico,  I put it together.   See where this is going?

Moved it back to Canada.  Took it apart.   Arrived in Canada.  Put it back together. 

Moved it to the Netherlands.  Took it apart…..


Oh hell,  you get it. 

I’m hopeful that this’ll be the last time I have to disassemble and then reassemble it for a few years.  Mind you,  I am getting pretty good at it.

Oh,  and I forgot to mention that I took it apart and reassembled it here in Vienna at least a couple times,  since we couldn’t decide where it would end up. 

It’ll go back into what was once a spare bedroom and stay there for a few years.   Unless someone makes me an offer…


Then of course,  there’s this chair.

It’s been around too.   It’s one of two remaining chairs from a set that was in the house when we bought it.   For those of you who skipped a couple classes,  we purchased the house from the estate of my late father-in-law.   There was stuff,  believe me.  Some of it more useful than others.   The house was built in 1958,  so some of the items were “vintage”.   That’s the best word I can come up with.

I tried to turn it around to get the “good side”,  but it turns out there really isn’t one.



At some point in time,  maybe as far back as 30 years ago,  the seat was “recovered” with the best vinyl money could buy.   We do have some lovely furnishings though, don’t we?

When the movers were packing us up for our departure from Canada,  I almost left it behind.  The horror! That would have been like….breaking with tradition.   I mean,  it had been to Horseheads and then Cabo Rojo,  PR.   Why not Europe? 

It’ll find its place back in Travelling Companion’s sewing room.   There will be some space reclamation from Daughter Number Two methinks,  who is presently using it as her crap er, …craft room.  


You do of course realise that,  as we get closer to lift off,  I’ll have less and less time for this sort of silliness.  I might have to do some…. actual work.  Gah!


OK,  time to wander the aisles of the grocery store in hopes of coming up with something for dinner. 


Watch that sharp edge on the packing tape dispenser.

Thanks for stopping by.






  1. Stuff. It's amazing what we manage to tote around with us as we travel through life. Good luck with all that.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun moving your stuff around the globe.
    Better you than me.We packed it in this box 7 years ago and just drive it all over North America.

  3. Cabo Rojo, PR? Small world, I spent some time there, too.

  4. Soon you be stepping up the stairs at your home in good old Canada. And you will be re-assembling that bed again - one last time. Though one should never they never or...last.


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