Sunday, May 27, 2012

When the monkeys run the zoo.

That was the first thought that popped into my head just now.



I was moving pictures from a couple cards onto the computer after coming back from Prague,  and I don’t think I’ll be keeping this one. 

That sky is a nice colour blue though,  innit?


Sure glad I keep those hairs numbered,  just in case of emergency.


I’ll probably feel more like doing some sort of travel log tomorrow if I figure there’s any hope of making it remotely interesting,  but for now that wonderful picture of the top of my head will have to do.


OK,  just a snippet….


First thing you have to do when entering the Czech Republic if you’ll be driving on any of the "built up” highways,  is buy yourself yet another vignette.



I just realised we (that is to say,  I ) forgot to take a picture of the vignette.  You have to stick it way over on the other side of the windshield,  on the passenger’s side.  Don’t ask me what the reasoning is,  but sometimes in the Czech Republic,  “up” can be “down”.  Or at least that is my impression once in a while.   Like,  drinks at the hotel restaurant were dirt cheap.  Parking at the hotel was horridly expensive.  Just a mystery.  We were “on vacation”, so we didn’t worry about those things.

The other thing too is,  everything is in Czech korunas,  so it can be a challenge to know if you’re getting hosed or not.


Does that help?  

Ya.  I didn’t think so.   Eventually a person figures out that Kč 500 is like….twenty Euros,  or about $25 CDN.  Then you can start to extrapolate from there.   Eventually I suppose the Czech Republic will be able to switch to the Euro,  but the story goes that their economy is still too weak. It’s heaps more complicated than that of course,  and goes back to the Velvet Revolution.  Good luck reading all that and trying to keep it straight.  I love reading about history,  too bad I can’t remember it all.

It’s a mystery to me how the Greeks managed to weasel their way into the EU,  but that’s a whole other story.  I’m thinking that when/if that fiasco ever gets sorted out,  it’ll be a cool day in that very hot place before countries like Romania,  Hungary or the Czech Republic will be able to simply switch to the Euro without some serious jumping through of hoops.   But hey,  if I actually knew the answer to that one,  I’d be sure and tell someone,  wouldn’t I?

Anyhoo,  I don’t have much storytelling in me tonight.  Need to chill out a bit.


Hope you all had,  or are still having a fine weekend. 

Keep it between the ditches.

As always,  thanks for stopping in.





  1. You title could apply to a bunch of governments I can think of:)

  2. Personally, I think that picture is a keeper. It's sooo you. I have never understood that whole Euro thing and how they decide who uses the Euro and who doesn't. Doesn't sound like they have it figured out either.


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