Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kinda creepy.

And I’m actually not referring to the dimwit in the wrinkled shirt either.  It was a bit cool out the other day,  which meant I could wear a jacket that would cover me from the neck on down,  and I was just capturing “a moment”.  I hate when I have to iron a T-shirt to just go out for some grub. 

Sometimes I swear there are homeless guys out there that are less wrinkled.

I do get so tired of ironing.   Everything.  But hey,  it’s a really good iron.  So that’s a good thing,  right?   Like that’s such a big help.



I don’t want to talk about it.


No,  what I’m talking about is how I forgot that we had this honkin’ big crane that had sprung up the other day,  and the way it sort of gave me a bit of a start the other night. 

I was looking for the moon.  Never did find it.


If you click on that one it get’s really big,  so be forewarned.


I’ve determined that the one thing I’m missing for a more enjoyable experience in the night photography department is a nice big heavy tripod.  The camera needs to be rock solid.  Some day maybe.

The other thing would of course be the ability to remember all those settings.  At least with digital photography I can snap away and delete to my heart’s content.  Well, “content” may be a stretch.   Thankfully there’s that “properties”  feature in each digital pic.  Otherwise I’d really be messed up.

As it is it’s dark,  I can’t see what I just took since my night vision sucks.  So I put on my glasses, but of course I’m petrified that I’m going to drop them and then crush them under foot.  That sure sounds like fun,  doesn’t it?

So if I manage to pull of just one half decent night shot,  I’m feeling pretty good about it.


Can you tell there’s sweet bugger all happening here today?  

Travelling Companion got home really,  really late last night,  which then of course means we’re both awake far later than we should be.  Mind you,  it was really more like “this morning”  when she got home.  Thankfully there were a couple other accounting types with her to the bitter end to slog it out in the trenches.  Other details will not be forthcoming.

The routine is,  she has to go to sleep before I can go to sleep.  That’s just the way it is.  The TV puts her to sleep.  It annoys the hell out of me and keeps me awake.  Such is life.

It’s moments like that when I fondly recall a CRT TV that we had years ago that wasn’t spectacular in any way shape or form.  It wasn’t big,  it wasn’t fancy,  BUT it had this built in timer,  and it would switch itself off at the end of whatever time you set.  It was brilliant.  I’m not sure whatever happened to it.  We’ve had TVs come and go. 


So with the exception of my usual morning jaunt, I haven’t been inclined to go out and prance up and down the street or anything.  Some days ‘The Force’ is not very strong in this one.


It’s Wednesday,  so that means one more day until our guest arrives.  This is good.


Contrast in furniture:  Home built bed made by me.  Ikea dresser.  No other words.

The “Ljuba wing”  is just about ready.  I’ll give the bathroom a quick going over tomorrow,  since that’s the bathroom that I use when there’s just the two of us here,  and I shed like an old dog.   I’m not sure how it happens,  but every time I come out of there,  I see two or three more hairs on the floor.  I wouldn’t even mind if it were the ones from inside my ears either,  but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  Those suckers are hanging on for dear life,  and are only removable with extreme prejudice.  Which also means a certain amount of discomfort.   Probably shouldn’t talk about that either.


Well,  that just about wraps it up for another exciting day.  Not sure what the heck lies ahead for T.C.’s  after work exit strategy for this evening,  which makes meal preparation a bit of a challenge.  It may just be frozen pizza.  The jury is out.


Try to keep it between the ditches,  and thanks for stopping by.




  1. Iron???? What is that? And you iron T-shirts? You are a sick, sick, man.

    1. Ya ya. Rub it in. Don't want to look like a homeless Dude. Not just yet anyway.

  2. My (former) mother-in-law ironed everything her darling son wore... including his shorts! You better believe THAT ended real quick when he & I said our "I do"s. Maybe that's why that marriage didn't work out ;-) And about the going-to-sleep thing.. isn't it funny how we fall into a pattern or routine?

  3. You use an iron? Wow! You must be really, really old, Man!!

    I liked that huge honking photo too!

  4. I am on and off with ironing, even when staying in the desert. Stuff we wear when we go out have to be ironed. Don't want to look like desert rats, won't we.
    But I am OLD-fashioned. My maternal grandfather needed his money bills ironed! Get that. He never went with crumpled bills in his pocket. He was serious about it. Like always having his shoes shiny. All about appearance.:))

  5. I love ironing!..NOT!..good luck with the ear hair..working where I do you sure notice which male patients don't have a woman in their life!..ear/nose and eyebrows are usually in dire need of 'manscaping!'


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