Monday, May 28, 2012

I remember that taste!

When we were on our way back from the Czech Republic yesterday afternoon,  we stopped at a roadside stand and picked up some strawberries and peas.  As in,  peas in a pod. 



Kind of like this one.

I couldn’t get a pic of the actual stand,  since the parking was kind of tricky,  and I had to park in front of someone’s driveway.  I didn’t think it would be too sporting to leave the car unattended.  I know I’d be pissed if someone blocked me in.  It’s not so much “do unto others”,  as “don’t get the car towed”. 




Anyway,  we had the strawberries (Jahody in Czech) last night (another taste I like to remember)  along with some cheese, wine and other…. stuff.  I actually forget what else we had, which might be a function of the libations.  Not sure.

Travelling Companion shelled the peas (hrášek) for tonight’s supper,  after which she declared that it was a lot of work.  True.   But I recall eating raw peas out of the garden as a kid,  so I thought it best if I were to stay away,  or there would have been a quite a few missing.

Pretty simple stuff really.  BBQed chicken with spuds and sour cream.  Have I mentioned how good the sour cream is here?  Not exactly the “this will help you shed those pounds” kind either at 15%.  But yummy. 

And I have no idea what that is in Czech,  nor do I care.



We sent Ljuba off on the train this morning to Ljubljana.    She’ll be gone for the week.


Now here’s a funny thing.  Well,  maybe not roll on the floor funny.  More like,  kind of odd funny.  I was mucking around with the small camera,  (the one that has had issues knowing how to focus when taking video)  and I think I’ve “fixed” it.   The thing is,  I lost a bunch of folders going back any time before May,  AND lost the photo I took this morning at the train station.  I don’t even know how I did that.  It wasn’t a big deal,  since the folders were practically empty,  and this morning’s picture was just of the train times,  since there was no way I could take either a picture of Ljuba or Travelling Companion at 8:00 in the morning,  and then actually show it to anyone.  Or live for that matter.  I’ve never been one for suicide attempts.   Not just yet anyway.

The next test will be to see if I can take a video with the thing and then be able to actually watch it without pulling out the rest of my hair.  The ones I have numbered.


The mood for going on about the Prague trip is somewhat diminished today I’m afraid,  and creating a whole travel log is a bit of a stretch, even when I feel like it.   It’s going to be a somewhat less than exciting week,  so I’ll yammer on about it over the next few days if that’s alright with you.


Meanwhile,  here’s a little scenario for you to chew on.



The folks above are doing a “dinner in the sky”.  


OK then!  Not for me.  Apparently you can do this sort of thing in quite a few places around the globe.  And they’re looking for business partners!  I suppose I could operate the crane.  From the ground. 

I had seen this a few years back on the tube.  When we had cable.  Didn’t think I’d ever see it in person.  Just another one of those things that make you do a double take.  The chewing part was almost a pun.   Almost.



This next pic sums up my motivation.



That’s all folks.  Painlessly short.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Dinner in the sky??? Some folks must have more money than brains - well that's just my opinion of course but how anyone could actually enjoy a meal under those conditions is beyond me.

  2. Holy shxt, I would puke if somebody would hoist me up there to EAT. This is sick!

  3. Much rather join you for strawberries, peas and sour creme...what a waste of money and time. LIfe is too short!!


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