Friday, May 25, 2012

Off to Prague.

But you knew I would say that.

In keeping with the way these things go,  Travelling Companion has to be at work until 1:30,  which meant I drove her to work this morning and Ljuba and I will swing by and fetch her later.  

I haven’t quite decided on the route just yet,  but either way it looks to be just under four hours.  There are nuisance stops along the way,  such as getting a vignette at the border,  along with possible pee breaks.

Of course,  we’ll be picking T.C. up at her office,  so that changes the time somewhat,  although not necessarily the route.  The signs coming across the North Bridge out of Vienna can be a bit misleading,  since you can apparently go one way to “Praha” (Prague,  hello?) and the other way to Brno.   To my way of thinking,  going the one way up through Schrems,  looks to be “the scenic route”.  That might be fine in rural North America,  but I just want to get there, preferably before dark.   Besides,  I know of at least one spot on the way up through Schrems where there’s a radar trap.  I’m just saying.   And no,  it wasn’t me who found this out,  but more information shall not be forthcoming.


Having the car of course gives me a chance to top up the fuel and give it a bit of a sprucing up.   Just the outside though,  since I had no desire to fight with the big hose at the pay as you go vacuum cleaner thingy.  I do so miss having a driveway where I can just use my own.  No biggie I guess.



Here’s a new one for ya.

We had a pork tenderloin that I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with,  so I cut it into medallions,  breaded it in a ground up pecan and bread crumb mixture and popped them in the oven.  Worked out pretty good.  It was an idea I saw “on the line” with a slight modification. 


This is done in a similar fashion to “February Chicken”,  which is Flour,  Egg and Breadcrumbs,  only with the addition of the pecans.   No browning in oil ahead of time either.  These guys are way too thin for that.


Oh and,  “February Chicken”  has nothing to do with the month.  It was so I could remember earlier on the order of the preparation.   Not the brightest bulb here kids.

The spinach that we had been searching for was made into a salad.

Along with the salad,  Ljuba also prepared scalloped potatoes.   I’m adding that one to the list.




OK,  now I’m getting  a bit peckish.  Need some lunch.

Stay tuned.


Thanks for lookin’.





  1. you are getting to be quite the 'chef'!!!..good on you!!

  2. If I ever make it to Vienna (my wife was there once) I will be looking for the famous restaurant "Chez Bob".


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