Friday, May 11, 2012

Off to Slovenia.

Hm,  I think I’ve used that one before.   Probably the last time we took a trip down to Slovenia.

I have little desire to lug this computer with me,  so that’s that.  Not going to be blogging from some internet cafe or whatever.   There’s not that much that’s important.  That’s my story anyway.

We’ll be hanging out with a cousin in Sava,  and will quite likely take the “vlak”  (train) from Sava in to Ljubljana tomorrow,  so I’ll take some pics.  I’ve already driven it a few times and really,  parking isn’t that big a deal in Ljubljana,  but we figure we’ll take the train since it will be kinda fun.   Have to have a little frivolity from time to time.

On Monday,  Travelling Companion has set up an appointment with a lawyer in the Ljubljana area to try and sort out some final details regarding a piece of property that’s been in her family for a while.  Even if I knew (or could remember) the details,  it’s not really blog fodder.  Something about making sure everyone knows where the boundaries are and making sure the taxes are paid.  That kind of stuff.

There’s also a plan afoot to visit another aging Auntie in Ljubljana,  but we’re waiting to hear back as to how well she’s feeling.  Seems she wasn’t feeling well just recently,  so whether we’ll visit is up in the air.


A couple predictions:

There’s a good chance we’ll visit this place,  since T.C. can never have too much material,  and…


The likelihood of bringing back any possible assortment of the following is reasonably high.



There.  There’s at least two pictures for today.  Otherwise,  that’s it.   We’re just about ready to hit the road.


Have a fine weekend.



Thanks for stopping by.





  1. have fun!!!,,,sounds like there will be tales to tell when you return!

  2. I know you don't mind driving and parking but isn't it kinda nice once in awhile to take the train and let someone else do the "driving". Be sure you bring home most of that assortment or you may not find your way home. lol

  3. The train will be fun and relaxing. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Don't you love these little "side" adventures? I sure do and hope you make the most of it.


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