Saturday, May 19, 2012

Can you guess?



You need to click on that one.


We figured that,  even though there was certainly no “cultural” advantage to going to the outlet mall,  it was still something that Ljuba might enjoy.

For my part,  I sat at a cafe,  drank coffee and read the paper.  My kind of shopping.   I got schlepped around enough the last time.  Turns out that the particular purse that Travelling Companion had been thinking about at the Prada store was no longer there.  That was a bit of good news I suppose.   We only ended up with one tiny little ‘she-she’ shopping bag,  the contents of which must remain a mystery,  since I’m not really sure whether or not it might be somebody’s Christmas present.   “Christmas shopping”  seems to be the theme when it comes to any kind of shopping for the foreseeable future.  Something that would never occur to me.  Not until about November anyway.

You understand ‘she-she’ right?  Sort of too fancy/frilly?  Like that.   Like I felt a little self conscious carrying it from the car to the apartment.


It’s a bit of an odd thing really, that the outlet mall that we went to really is more or less out in the “boonies”,  but the place is pretty well mobbed most every weekend.  Judging by the license plates,  I think I get it,  since there were cars there from Hungary,  Romania,  and beyond.  There were many Austrian shoppers too.  I even saw plates from Montenegro.   Who the heck drives from Montenegro to shop in Parndorf

I just checked,  it takes 13 hours to drive from Montenegro.  I saw two or three vehicles from there.  Really.  Surely they were here for some other reason than to go to the Outlet Mall?  Maybe there’s not much to be had in Montenegro?  I wouldn’t know.


Anyway,  that was most of the mid-day,  then it was time for a brief nap,  then off to what is just about our favourite restaurant in all of Vienna for some “Tafelspitz”.    Admittedly,  we’ve been there enough times in the last three years that I’ve actually tried one other dish there,  which was some sort of pork tenderloin medallions,  but the only real reason to go there is for Tafelspitz.



Regrettably,  I didn’t really take heaps of pictures,  since I was too busy first eating,  and then I was too full to even think straight.   You believe that, right?

If you wish,  there is a brief write up about Tafelspitz here.  The picture in the article doesn’t really do it justice,  since it’s better than that picture looks.  Tafelspitz for three,  a bottle of wine and a couple beers was roughly €130,   so not cheap by any means,  but it’s not like we go there every weekend either. 

Oh,  and the (almost) best part?  The young lady who took my reservation the other day actually managed to spell my name right!   It’s not really easy spelling those old Scottish names if your “Muttersprache” is German.  I’ve even spelled it out in the past,  only to later discover that it was dead wrong.  Anyway,  I almost gave her a hug,  but managed to control myself.

Not really appropriate,  especially since she was younger than both of our children.  (creepy old guy thing)


Well I guess that’s all I have in my pea brain for today.  Hope your day was enjoyable.


Do check to make sure your fly is done up.


Thanks for lookin’.





  1. Your blog always makes me laugh. Or chuckle. Or at least smile.

  2. I followed you link to Tafelspitz. Sounds interesting. I just wonder if boiled beef would be dry?

    You do have a sense of humor :))

  3. I clicked on Parndorf... a pretty exclusive mall came up.... well, I should have known if Prada is there. Made me think of going to the supermall in San Jose, Costa Rica last month... Gucci handbags at $1,700... many other designer stores... Who'd'a'thought? Not for this old gal! Well...... maybe if I found Jimmy Chou or Miu Miu shoes I'd be interested ;-)

  4. I LOVE tafelspitz! Especially with "wirsing" (savoy cabbage) and baby potatoes.
    This was always a special dish for Sunday meals at my parents house. Memories come floating...

  5. @K & R. I try not to get carried away.
    @Donna. No, the Tafelspitz is almost melt in your mouth. The first time I heard of "boiled meat", I thought it would be kinda gross, but it's really awesome.
    @O E. If they only had a couple tool stores in Parndorf I'd probably be a little more happy to go there. There's really and truly nothing there that excites me in the least. Then on top of that, the prices are even more revolting.
    @H. I think we had that, only it was cabbage with peas. Then there was some sort of shredded and fried potatoes, along with spinach and apple sauce with a hint of horseradish. Good stuff.

  6. Note #1: You have now gone to our favourite restaurant enough that they now know how to spell our last name.
    Note #2:Mmmmmm.....Tafelspitz.....(enter-Homer-type-mouth-watering-sounds-here)


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