Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I’m starting to suck at this.

Really.  At least that’s my opinion.

I was going to mention the “Police Report” wasn’t I?   Not a big deal really,  but one of those odd things that you see in the city.  Certainly not limited to Vienna I would imagine.

It was Saturday morning at some point,  and somebody said “Hey,  there’s a policeman over on that roof.”   And sure enough,  there were a couple of Austria’s finest on the roof of the building across the way,  along with three “civilians”.  Somehow it looked to me like there had been an attempted break-in,  and they were surveying the remnants of where someone had thrown themselves over the rooftop. 






Something like that anyway.  There was some pointing at stuff, writing things down,  and general wasting of time as far as I could see.

The thing is too,  the “pergola” or whatever you call that excuse for woodworking over to the right of the first photo, has always looked like it was about to fall down,  so I doubt that there was any human intervention involved.  Unless you count the person who slapped it together in the first place,  or the less than talented individual who propped it up on their rooftop.

Our security measures haven’t really changed as a result of this viewing.  I close and lock the balcony door any time I’m out of the apartment,  and the front door is built like a brick sh…,  well, it’s quite substantial,  let’s just say.  I think I’ve demonstrated the bolts that get thrown into the frame before,  so I think you know what I’m talking about.

My biggest fear is getting myself locked out.  I’d have to call a lock service of some sort,  which would mean that I’d have further complications if I didn’t have a phone on me.  Simple really.  Best not to get locked out.


My second biggest fear is turning into some sort of weird-assed male version of Gladys Kravitz


Um ya,  that would never do. 



I managed to get a couple hotel rooms booked for this weekend.  We struck a committee and resolved to take a drive up to Prague over Friday and Saturday night.  Had thought about taking the train,  which is something Travelling Companion did with Nephew Boy last year right around this time,  but it’s just about the same amount of time in the car and considerably cheaper.  And I don’t mind driving. 

I think it’s more stressful actually trying to decide on a hotel to be honest.  Gah!  I spent a lot of time reading reviews on Tripadvisor and Booking.com,  and then ended up trying out the Holiday Inn,  since T.C. had been there a while back (last year?  not sure)  for some sort of work related pow-wow.  She said it was OK,  so I just figured that was all I needed to know.  Apparently she was even able to walk in to the old part of the city from there,  and her walking distance is usually the primary matrix used to determine the proximity of any place we stay in relation to what we want to see.   We’ll see how it goes.


Other than that,  it’s just another day here in Wienerland.  A bit rainy,  but not overly so.  Ljuba is once again off to do more exploring.  Man can that girl walk,  and she’s my age!  My only excuse is that I spent roughly thirty years running around on concrete,  and things start to hurt after a bit.  That’s all I got.  Well,  and there is that “laziness” thing.  A minor consideration.

Before she left though,  she got tonight’s dinner ready.  ???  I know!  *Bob is very happy*.

It’s not the cooking that troubles me,  it’s trying not to simply prepare the same thing day in and day out.  I’m of the “eat to live” camp,  whereas there are those who are definitely from the “live to eat”  neck of the woods.  It’s a land far,  far away I’m afraid.


Talk about having the perfect guest.  And I could regale you with horror stories of less that perfect guests, but I’m never quite sure who might be reading…  (*nervous laughter*)  I’m tempted to add, “And you know who you are”,  but the sad fact is that no,  you wouldn’t know who you are.  “Bad guests”  have a way of being completely oblivious…to most everything.  It’s some sort of “self centred thing”.  Such is the way it is, and this isn’t psychology 101,  so we’ll leave that one alone.   But MAN could I tell stories!   Save it for my memoires. *snort!*  Like that’s happening.


*Memoires*  Right. What a hoot!

“And then I cleaned off my dust mop and put it away”.

What a page turner.


Keep your powder dry.


Thanks for swingin’ on around.



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