Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Going places!

Really did the big tour today.


Always wanted to go here:



Been to Paris a few times,  but figured we’d take a trip back:



Even took a trip back in time:


I didn’t bother to check for any hidden Dunes bags of poker chips.  I didn’t think we’d be that lucky.


And this place I had only seen from the air,  so I was really excited to get here:


It was a little smaller than I had imagined though.  Isn’t there some sort of “north rim” thing?  Oh well.


I did catch a glimpse of one of my most favourite cars of all time:



Oh ya.  ‘59 Chevy Impala.  White convertible with red interior. 

Awesome car.  Well,  as long as you didn’t need to take any corners.  Nice to look at though.  *thinks* I think we’ll stick with the BMW.


Yup.  That was our day.   Pretty awesome really.  All that travelling can sure wear you out.


We did take a ride on some sort of big wheel.  It wasn’t quite as tacky as the rest.





But really old.



If you want a bit of that sensation,  click away:

There are heaps of other videos on YouTube of the same thing, but I’m not going to bore you with six minutes of watching from the Ferris wheel.  You can do that on your own.


There were other rides for the heartier souls of the human race. 

I don’t think I could clench my butt that tight.

Make sure your shoes are tied.  And your bladder is empty.


The somewhat “sad to admit” part is,  we’ve lived here since November of 09,  and we’ve never taken the time to get to the Prater.  We almost made it a couple weekends ago,  but you may recall that I was totally taken by a free parking spot,  and that’s how we ended up at the Stadpark.

As it was,  parking at the Prater was only four Euros.  Once again,  that’s cheaper than the cost of four return subway tickets.   And besides,  we also got to see the wonderful ladies of the evening  mid-day!

I usually have to go all the way to the Czech Republic to see these fine upstanding folks.  (they are standing up,  right?)

Oh and,  they didn’t really appreciate having their picture taken:


Funny about that.  Wouldn’t it be like free advertising?

I think Ljuba might have some better pictures, which she took while I was paying for our parking at the ticket machine thingy,  but this one will have to do.  Hope you’re OK with that.


We decided to eat downstairs “with the boys” this evening,  since it’s nice to have someone set food in front of you once in a while.   It was awesomely not good for us,  which is why it doesn’t happen that often.


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for….well,  you know.




  1. ok am back on the grid..I clicked on that video and of course got does that surprise you? Glad you got to have dinner out...I would think it would be awesomely good for you...take care

  2. great ferris wheel ride!..,looks like you made a 'trip around the world' in less than a day!!


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