Thursday, May 17, 2012

It’s a Holiday!

And this time,  Travelling Companion resolved that she was in fact,  going to take the day off. 

Of course,  she schlepped home her computer,  but it’s still in it’s little roller thingy. 

I think I’ve yammered on enough about Slovenia,  so we won’t bother with any more of that.   It’s that whole, “one cactus starts to look like the next”,  thing?

We did take a little trip over to the Belvedere today to poke around a bit.   I drove the car and parked on Goldeggaße,  which made for a fairly short walk over to the entrance.   There was the same annoying guy from the Greek restaurant across the street trying to entice us with some sort of “deal”.  I think he needs to tips on marketing however,  since his approach was all wrong.  First of all,  don’t interrupt me when I’m obviously in the midst of a conversation,  and then I shouldn’t have to actually tell you to bugger off after I’ve indicated that I’m not interested.  And I MIGHT be interested,  if you hadn’t interrupted me in the middle of a conversation.  Idiot.

Anyway,  we were discussing his rather backwards marketing scheme when we came out,  and just what he might do to actually get people to come to his restaurant.  It might very well be just a fabulous place,  but if you bug me,  I’m not gonna go.   It’s that simple.   Maybe a little ‘ticket’ for the free glass of wine he was offering?   Then maybe we might have given a visit to his establishment more than a two second consideration. 

I realise that I only took one measly picture during our whole visit.   That kind of sucks I realise.  Sorry.  I guess I’m slipping.

This is looking down across the gardens towards the centre of Vienna.   Big whoop. 


It’s been a year since we were last at the Belvedere,  and that was for a wedding.  Now I ask you,  who gets to go to a wedding at the Belvedere?   This was one of Travelling Companion’s work associates,  who married a young lady whom he met when he was working in Denmark for the Company that Cannot be Named.   He still works there of course,  only in their Vienna office.  (obviously)

I won’t go into the details of the Belvedere,  but if you happened to click on that first link above,  you would have noticed that the address is on “Prinz Eugen Straße”,  and that’s basically since the palace was built for Prinz Eugen.   You can read to your heart’s content here.  Prinz Eugen,  or Prince Eugene of Savoy,  was a rather significant military figure in the Hapsburg empire,  and you may need the better part of an afternoon to read that second article.  There’s a lot going on there.  Go crazy.

Anyway,  that was our afternoon.  It’s a little windy and cool out today,  but Ljuba has gone out once again to do some further exploring.  She’s been hitting the museums quite diligently since we’ve been back in town. 

I mentioned a few days ago about the clanging and banging out on the main drag.   Just to refresh your memory, you can see the goings on here:



Since they were actually NOT working today,  we happened to peek behind the curtain down in the parking garage,  and it looks to me like they’re installing an elevator in one corner.  Otherwise I have no idea why they would need a perfectly cut out section of the ceiling.  It would be convenient to be able to take an elevator from the garage up to the C & A.  We’ll find out in due time I suppose.



That stud wall on the far side is just a temporary wall they’ve put up to make a pathway for folks using the parking garage. 


I suppose that’s it for today.  Ljuba has said she’s going to make some sort of smoked salmon with pasta thing for tonight.  Sounds good to me.  Should I take a picture?   I guess we’ll find that out in due time as well.


Keep your oars in the water.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Your not slipping, you are merely relaxing!

    Be sure to get the recipe, sounds yummy.

  2. I am waiting as well for the smoked salmon with pasta recipe. Have more salmon in the fridge and are in need of more ideas how to....
    So, PLEASE......


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