Friday, May 4, 2012

Not really a flea market day.

And what is the date kids? 

I would just like to first point out that I didn’t title this one,  “May the fourth be with you”.   

Mind you,  I was certainly tempted,  and of course,  I still managed to get it in here somehow. 



And I’m not really a flea market person.  Let me see,  how much did I spend at the flea market this morning?   Well,  just exactly the same amount that I’ve spent at that flea market for the last three years.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.   I spent a whopping €,79 at the bakery.  And that was only because that’s where I normally go,  and it’s on the same street as the flea market. 

The thing is,  I see all the stuff that I’ve either purged over the years and sold in garage sales or taken to the “Reuse Centre”  OR,  I’m reminded of some of the other stuff that needs to go.   I already have enough LPs,  cassettes and VHS tapes that I’m not completely sure what to do with. 

*It can be an emotional time.* *sniff*  

Meh,  not really.


Ya,  a bit damp.  

By the way,  our “Sahara heat wave”?  

A memory.


The vendors were coping.  At least it wasn’t rainy AND windy.  That can truly suck.  When your little tarp that you’re using to protect all those highly prised Indonesian “works of art”  that you had shipped over in a huge container that your now charging 1000% for, gets blown into the street?  That can be a crying shame.   Not that I’d be offering any opinions or anything, but some of it looked all too familiar.

I did happen to recognise some Ironware,  and only put on my glasses to look and see if in fact I knew what I was looking at.  The vendor had that look on his face like he had found a mark,  but I was only testing my memory.  Sorry dude!  ‘Cause I really need that one solitary piece of Ironware that I’ve been missing all these  years. 

Just a slight eye roll there.  Pay no mind.


The only good part, for me at least was, that since it was kinda crappy weather,  it wasn’t as mobbed as these things tend to be.  I was OK with that.   Plus,  I didn’t quite realise how far I had wandered,  and then it occurred me that I had made it all the way to a particular hardware/metal supply place on Burggaße.    Oh goodie!  I finally get to check it out.



Oh,  and this is kind of neat,  I found a short video in English that gives a little overview.   Hope you can play it.


When I played this in the browser it did go on to the next video,  so just be warned.  That’s annoying I find.

If you can’t play the video,  suffice to say this place is like one of the old time hardware stores with gobs of bins full of every type of nut,  bolt,  screw or what have you,  only with the addition of all different types of metal, but without the squeaky floors. 

Two different employees asked if they could help me.  How refreshing!  Sucks that I didn’t need anything,  dammit.   Would have been much happier to have found this place back in say, 2009?  Oh well.


That was the big adventure for this morning.  Wasn’t that just swell? 

Of course,  we’d be missing something if there wasn’t at least one mention of someone putting up a scaffold somewhere. 

This was on Andreasgaße.



Crazy bugger.  I’d be hangin’ on for dear life.

Good on ya there buddy.


Thanks for stopping by,  and yes…

May fourth be with you.




  1. Being offered help in a hardware store, now that is refreshing. Sorry about the damp part but there is a rumour that your Sahara heat is headed to Canada and it is our turn!

    1. I think I like this "click on the reply" thing...
      Your spring has been way too cold for my liking. Can't say that part has made me particularly homesick.
      Hopefully it has warmed up for you.

  2. Isn't 'Gasse' spelled with double 'ss" in Austria? At least it is in Germany.

    1. I believe it is SUPPOSED to be spelled with the 'ß', but once in a while I see where they've used double 's'. As it is, the rules are not only complicated, but seem to vary from place to place. I've given up on trying to figure that one out.

  3. OK.OK.
    I went and read about May 4th. Now I can say: I am enlightened.
    But I rather celebrate July 1st.
    I would have liked to go on the flee market. Eye shopping mostly. I keep "down-sizing" in my mind. At least I try. :))
    Hardware store. Ask hubby. I like to go there and browse!
    A dream of mine is to have my OWN tool box. Then, I would always know where they are when I need them.

    1. I didn't mean to be so obtuse about that date, and it's a rather silly thing. At this point in my life I'm not even a huge fan (although I did go to see the first movie more than once in '77) But if you're now "enlightened"? Well that's better than not, I suppose.

    2. By the way, I tried the banana bread of yours today. REALY GOOD STUFF.
      Used cardamom instead of nutmeg.

  4. So I guess we can't count on you to restore the world's economy single handedly?

    1. I'm the one to blame for the whole mess. Sorry.

  5. We rarely do flea markets, although we enjoying going to the Mexican markets. Other than the fruits and veggies that they sell, they are very much the same as a flea market and like ou we never seem to buy anything. They sure are fun to wander around though.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Flea Markets here have only gotten worse over the years. At one time they were interesting with specialty stuff and fun to look at. Now it seems they have just two things -new worthless junk and old worthless junk:)

  7. Oh I love hardware stores. Matter of fact, I just moved back to an area in my wheel estate where there is a nearby small town (Lavonia, GA) with a very old hardware store, with everything including a small crowd hanging around shooting the breeze around the wood stove. Even when the need for the wood stove has passed, they hang around it in the spring, summer and fall. I just love going in there, and they make sure to help you too.


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