Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It’s Labour Day!

Like that matters one tiny iota.  

All it meant for us was that there was some planning involved in the grub department,  since the stores are closed.

T.C. once again worked from home,  and had at least one conference call.  It seems it was set up by someone in Switzerland,  which is just about the only country in Europe where it’s NOT a holiday.  No big deal. 

We briefly entertained the idea of tooling down to the Volksgarten and wandering around,  but after a couple parades went by,  we began to get the idea that it just might be a little crowded around all those buildings and other places where not only hoards of tourists hang out,  but on a day like today it’ll be mobbed with the rest of Vienna.   We can go any time.

Now,  I apologize to anyone with limited bandwidth,  but here are a couple snippets from today’s “parades”.






I thought the second group were considerably better.   One of these fine days I suppose I’ll invest in a proper digital video camera,  but for the purposes of giving you just a “snippet”,  the one I have will have to do.


And for anyone who doesn’t have the bandwidth,  I’ll throw in a picture.


The only signs I could figure out were ones with stuff like,  “Privatization is Annihilation”  (um,  in German of course,  hello?).   That kind of stuff.  These were “Labour Day”  parades after all.


We were trying to come up with where exactly we were last year on May the first,  and I suppose it must have been in Hungary.  I seem to be missing a couple blog posts. Not that they went missing or anything,  I just didn’t have anything to say,  so I skipped a day or two. We had a visit from Daughter Number One and we were in Budapest.   I had plum forgot.   This is when blogging gets kinda significant.  

Anyway,  that’s my justification for taking up too much bandwidth.

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Happy Labour Day. But I think TC needs to have a discussion with those Swiss folks and maybe give them a calendar showing the holidays.

  2. These videos weren't bad at all, at least the music came thru pretty good. Yep, mau 01 is something special in Europe, not like labour day over here at all.

  3. Happy Labour day...good video stream...and the music sounded very good...the people just walk along with the bands??

  4. Hmmm...how can you go from so cold a few weeks ago to heat and parades. We in Canada are not amused!

  5. great day for a parade!..happy labour day?


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