Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I can count to Potato.

But if I had to count these,  it would take me a while.



Yes,  those are potatoes.


I’m not exactly where I planned to be hanging out this afternoon,  not that I had any actual plans for today.   Or any day for that matter.

On a positive note,  it turns out that I can be packed up and ready to leave the country in under a half hour.  If I didn’t need to shower or iron a shirt,  I could probably shave lots off that time,  but in light of my views yesterday about personal hygiene,  I think I’ll stick with the half hour program.


I’ll put in a couple more pictures that I took this morning,  and you can try and figure out where the heck I ended up.




And if you don’t “get”  this last one,  then I don’t know where to begin.




Here’s a hint,  it’s roughly a two hour drive from Vienna? 

Seems someone didn’t really want to head out in the fog by herself,  so muggins here got pressed into service.   I’m not actually in the Czech Republic at the moment,  but I’ll be heading back there to pick up T.C. some time later today.

And yes,  it was bloody foggy.  After about an hour I just wanted it to ease up.  I don’t get as stressed about driving in fog as much as Travelling Companion, (she said she would have been weeping at one point)  but I do start to get kind of fidgety after about the first hour and a half.


At least there’s a half ways decent internet connection here at the Goldener Stern,  and the TV works.   Of course,  daytime TV sucks just as bad here as anywhere else on the planet,  so that’s not much of a consolation.


And the potatoes?    Well,  the potato gathering efforts have drawn to a close in these parts,  and I just happened to notice that huge storage facility this morning.  



I suppose I should be thankful I’m not shovelling snow.  That would suck.  So I guess I’m happy about that.


Looks like it’s going to be just a FUN DAY!


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Do they make vodka out of potatoes in that part of the world?


  2. Vodka might be the best use for so many puds:)

  3. Trying to get caught up again on your blog. When I moved to San Diego from Montana, I ran into the same thing. It would cool down a little bit and out would come all the winter jackets and scarfs. I thought it was funny. That's a whole lot of taters. I always think of Idaho and Ireland for spuds.

  4. On the road in less than an hour, what brave knight you are. Enjoy your adventure.


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