Monday, November 28, 2011

We don’t always get along.

I’m talking about me and a computer program here.  What were you thinking?

I’m sure it’s really and truly dependant on something along the lines of “operator error”,  but each and every time I go to add any new music to Travelling Companion’s IPod,  I just want to punch something.

Again,  if I did this little procedure every day,  or even a couple times a month, maybe it wouldn’t be so frustrating,  but the whole “user friendliness”  of Apple products is somehow lost on me.  It’s more like,  “it has to be our way,  or no way”.   I’m not even going to stress about it any more.  I figured it out, that’s the main thing.   And why is that any time you find an “online tutorial”,  it never quite matches the settings you see on the computer screen in front of you,  hm?

How do you “eject” without an actual “eject” button?  What,  are you trying to be cute?   F**king programmers.


It seemed like most of yesterday (which just so happens to have been,  “Silent Sunday”,  if we want to keep with the alliteration theme) was spent looking for one particular package of gold coloured Christmas bulbs.  Never did find them.  We eventually convinced ourselves that we hadn’t in fact seen them here anywhere on this continent at all,  but quite likely saw them last Christmas when we were at home,  and only thought they were here.   That’s our story anyway.  There are not that many places for things to hide here.  I looked in all of them.  I even made sure to have a second set of eyes “check my work”.   I ain’t that dumb.

This was also the reason for the IPod fun.  As a happy by product of looking in every possible tote we own (well,  at this location anyway)  we did come across a couple CDs of Christmas music.   Only a couple.   The rest,  and I’ve long ago lost count,  are back in Canada. 

We could go down and listen to them in the car I suppose,  but other than that,  we don’t actually have a means of playing CDs here.  I can copy them.  I can play them on my computer.  Neither of which is really a viable solution.  So that means somehow extracting the music,  putting it on to, and then playing it on this mysterious little Apple device.    I think I could do it again right this minute if I had to,  but that’s the thing,  I might not want to change the music on that thing for another six months.  By then it won’t be user friendly again.  It’s that CRS.




Travelling Companion just called to say she’ll be home at 5:30.   I hope that works out.  She was originally going to work from home again today,  but realised she had an important pow-wow.  A Board meeting of all things,  or maybe it’s more like a “bored meeting”?   I’m sure she explained it to me,  but it doesn’t matter anyway.

Tonight is opera night,  and that was the reason she wanted to work from home.  I always get a little nervous when it comes to being in the building where the opera will be taking place in a timely fashion.  It’s a funny thing,  but they won’t wait one minute.  If they say they’re starting at 7:30,  they’re pretty good about starting on time I find.



Saw these kids this morning when I was out and about.  Seems one of the banks will be having Saturday hours,  and they’ve been hired to hand out flyers.  It’s a job I suppose.


Hm,  Saturday banking hours.  We’ve had that for what,  twenty years? 


That’s it for today.  I’m empty.


Keep those sticks on the ice.

Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Everybody looks way too cold for me. And I feel the same way about our IPOD. I eventually figure it out but then forget it by the time I want to use it again. I hate technology some days.

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  3. Well darn, I was all primed for a juicy he said/she said post! SIGH!

    Translated, those balloon signs read, "please God, don't let my friends see me like this."

  4. @Sandie:
    Don't be fooled by what they wear. It was seven degrees today, and actually rather pleasant in the sun. We just got back from the Opera, and I only wore a light jacket. The Austrians, or at least the Viennese, tend to bundle up. And wear boots....
    We just look at them, and look at each other. Cwazy.
    It's never gonna be that juicy. Sorry. I'd be in trouble.
    I liked your translation. I did feel a tad sorry for them, but hey, good for them, they're working! I've had some shit jobs over the years, but at least most of those were out of the public eye. Thankfully.

  5. Have you ever had Saturday banking hours there? I guess I just assumed everyone could bank on Saturday, at least from 8-noon. Interesting.

  6. there is a bank here that is open on Sundays..redonkulous I say!!!


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